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American Dream

“American Dream”

Attention all able body masses that focus on verbal harasses
Racism is donating get out of jail free passes
To the whites in denial and even the blacks who are holy
All you got to do is wrestle a book open like Mick Foley
And achieve the American Dream of being free
So that maybe you men might be able to take your wife on a shopping spree
But as for me I’m stuck being a Chad-moru born of sackies
Unable to support President Bush’s decision to bomb Iraqis
For like Martin Luther King, I have been trying to beat racism’s team
To ensure that no colored person ends up on the flip-side of the American Dream
A saying from James Adam that states equality will be given to every culture or race
Yet why is it such a big disgrace to be born from my birthplace
A place were different repercussions are taken to the same simple laws
A land were like caged dogs, I have been trying to dig an escape with my bare paws
Burrowing away from the earthquake of the Queen’s son
Flying sky high to avoid the tsunami of the rising sun
While knowing that it’s inevitable to stop the President’s nuclear invasion
For we were tricked by their greedy persuasion on more then one occasion
And like the Jews we had a holocaust of our own
But unlike them our barons left us to fight alone
To be slaughtered, ridiculed, and gunned down
Burned, bombed, and almost made into a ghost town
Continuously bleeding not for revenge or love but for greed
Until those Mongols decided it was time for us to be freed
Celebrating the liberation with a big feast
Not knowing that in the future they would have a gradual growing number of deceased
From poverty, to gang violence, to disease, to military death
For the Chamoru holocaust still continues to take away its victims last breath
Yet others and most Chamoru’s don’t even know about these events
And even me, I have learned about these issues in small segments
Because I believe in the saying that one individual can do great things
But in reality it takes more then one person to overthrow or even surpass kings

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