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Today's anniversary: Charles Gounod

Musical ideas sprang to my mind like a flight of butterflies, and all I had to do was to stretch out my hand to catch them.

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Added by Simona Enache
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Topic of the Day: desert

World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought


i've seen lichens
of men
thriving on a dew
of available

some have to make do
with what is there

on some
is virtue still

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Quote of the moment

Josep Pla

Money doesn't bring happiness, but certainly it's not an obstacle to reach it.

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Costel Zăgan

Elegance is not a profession, elegance is a destiny.

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Do not seek to find hope among your leaders. They are the repositories of poison. Their interest in you extends only so far as their ability to control you. For you, they seek duty and obedience, and they will ply you with the language of stirring faith. They seek followers, and woe to those who question, or voice challenge. Civilization after civilization, it is the same. The world falls to tyranny with a whisper. The frightened are ever keen to bow to a perceived necessity, in the belief that necessity forces conformity, and conformity a certain stability. In a world shaped into conformity, dissidents stand out, are easily branded and dealt with. There is no multitude of perspectives, no dialogue. The victim assumes the face of the tyrant, self-righteous and intransigent, and wars breed like vermin. And people die.

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Added by Veronica Serbanoiu
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I do not sell hope. I give it away.

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