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Today's anniversary: Christa Miller

Christa Miller

I love shopping. I wear skirts and dresses, because I really think guys like girls in skirts. And I always wear nice underwear.

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Added by Veronica Serbanoiu
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Topic of the Day: eclipse

28 May 585 B.C.: a solar eclipse occurs, as predicted by Greek philosopher and scientist Thales

total eclipse
earth slowly veils
the moon

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Quote of the moment

Hasier Agirre

How to abstain from staring at the women's butts, when they always turn their backs on you?

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Added by Dan Costinaş
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If you wish to be endowed with health,
You have vegetables and fruits to eat.

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Added by Clementina Forgiero
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When the ink of my soul runs dry

Sometimes, when the ink of my soul runs dry,
when my heart is too hurt to sing, the words too painful to be said,
then the silence is my voice, the blue sky my hope,
the ocean is my tear,
the stars are my dreams,
the flowers my smile, and the birds my freedom.
Your Peace overflows.
The beauty of each day overwhelms me.

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Added by anonym
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Our Lord doesn't show himself when you look for him, but when he wants you to see him!

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Added by Gian Luigi Zampieri
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