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Today's anniversary: Moliere


Toinette: Look you, Sir; a beard is something in itself; a beard is half the doctor.

classic line from The Imaginary Invalid, script by (1673)Report problemRelated quotes
Added by Dan Costinaş
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Topic of the Day: British Museum

15 January 1759: The British Museum opens

Alphabetical order
British Museum.

haiku by (10 January 1993)Report problemRelated quotes
Added by Poetry Lover
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Coronavirus (covid 19), the scourge of our times in which dreams, love, remain dormant.
But you have to teach someone how to look at you because you're a miracle, man.

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deserted winter –
the wind leaves the paths
in the howl of wolves

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Added by A. Răduț
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looking to all four winds
skyflakes fall into palms –

haiku by (7 February 2020), translated by Cătălina FrâncuReport problemRelated quotes
Added by Alexandru Răduț
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Octav Bibere

The existence of small countries shows us today that great people once lived there!

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