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American Dream

“American Dream”

Attention all able body masses that focus on verbal harasses
Racism is donating get out of jail free passes
To the whites in denial and even the blacks who are holy
All you got to do is wrestle a book open like Mick Foley
And achieve the American Dream of being free
So that maybe you men might be able to take your wife on a shopping spree
But as for me I’m stuck being a Chad-moru born of sackies
Unable to support President Bush’s decision to bomb Iraqis
For like Martin Luther King, I have been trying to beat racism’s team
To ensure that no colored person ends up on the flip-side of the American Dream
A saying from James Adam that states equality will be given to every culture or race
Yet why is it such a big disgrace to be born from my birthplace
A place were different repercussions are taken to the same simple laws
A land were like caged dogs, I have been trying to dig an escape with my bare paws
Burrowing away from the earthquake of the Queen’s son
Flying sky high to avoid the tsunami of the rising sun
While knowing that it’s inevitable to stop the President’s nuclear invasion
For we were tricked by their greedy persuasion on more then one occasion
And like the Jews we had a holocaust of our own
But unlike them our barons left us to fight alone
To be slaughtered, ridiculed, and gunned down
Burned, bombed, and almost made into a ghost town
Continuously bleeding not for revenge or love but for greed
Until those Mongols decided it was time for us to be freed
Celebrating the liberation with a big feast
Not knowing that in the future they would have a gradual growing number of deceased
From poverty, to gang violence, to disease, to military death
For the Chamoru holocaust still continues to take away its victims last breath
Yet others and most Chamoru’s don’t even know about these events
And even me, I have learned about these issues in small segments
Because I believe in the saying that one individual can do great things
But in reality it takes more then one person to overthrow or even surpass kings

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Death Of The Middle Class

Oligarchs and Banksters tighten financial screws
In a bold attempt to kill the global Middle Class
Heads of State unable/unwilling to halt this ruse
TheGreat Depression of 1929” we soon surpass


By Andrew Gavin Marshall - Global Research

We now stand at the edge of the global financial abyss of aGreat Global Debt Depression, ’ where nations, mired in extreme debt, are beginning to implement ‘fiscal austerity’ measures to reduce their deficits, which will ultimately result in systematic global social genocide, as the middle classes vanish and the social foundations upon which our nations rest are swept away. How did we get here? Who brought us here? Where is this road leading? These are questions I will briefly attempt to answer.

At the heart of the global political economy is the central banking system. Central banks are responsible for printing a nation’s currency and setting interest rates, thus determining the value of the currency. This should no doubt be the prerogative of a national government, however, central banks are of a particularly deceptive nature, in which while being imbued with governmental authority, they are in fact privately owned by the world’s major global banks, and are thus profit-seeking institutions. How do central banks make a profit? The answer is simple: how do all banks make a profit? Interest on debt. Loans are made, interest rates are set, and profits are made. It is a system of debt, imperial economics at its finest.

In the United States, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, creating the Federal Reserve System, with the Board located in Washington, appointed by the President, but where true power rested in the 12 regional banks, most notably among them, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The regional Fed banks were private banks, owned in shares by the major banks in each region, which elected the board members to represent them, and who would then share power with the Federal Reserve Board in Washington.

In the early 1920s, the Council on Foreign Relations was formed in the United States as the premier foreign policy think tank, dominated by powerful banking interests. In 1930, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) was created to manage German reparations payments, but it also had another role, which was much less known, but much more significant. It was to act as a “coordinator of the operations of central banks around the world.” Essentially, it is the central bank for the world’s central banks, whose operations are kept ‘strictly confidential.’ As historian Carroll Quigley wrote:

'The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations.'

In 1954, the Bilderberg Group was formed as a secretive global think tank, comprising intellectual, financial, corporate, political, military and media elites from Western Europe and North America, with prominent bankers such as David Rockefeller, as well as European royalty, such as the Dutch royal family, who are the largest shareholders in Royal Dutch Shell, whose CEO attends every meeting. This group of roughly 130 elites meets every year in secret to discuss and debate global affairs, and to set general goals and undertake broad agendas at various meetings. The group was initially formed to promote European integration. The 1956 meeting discussed European integration and a common currency. In fact, the current Chairman of the Bilderberg Group told European media last year that the euro was debated at the Bilderberg Group.

In 1973, David Rockefeller, Chairman and CEO of Chase Manhattan Bank, Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations and a member of the Steering Committee of the Blderberg Group, formed the Trilateral Commission with CFR academic Zbigniew Brzezinski. That same year, the oil price shocks created a wealth of oil money, which was discussed at that years Bilderberg meeting 5 months prior to the oil shocks, and the money was funneled through western banks, which loaned it to ‘third world’ nations desperately in need of loans to finance industrialization.

When Jimmy Carter became President in 1977, he appointed over two dozen members of the Trilateral Commission into his cabinet, including himself, and of course, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was his National Security Adviser. In 1979, Carter appointed David Rockefeller’s former aide and friend, Paul Volcker, who had held various positions at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the U.S. Treasury Department, and who also happened to be a member of the Trilateral Commission, as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. When another oil shock took place in 1979, Volcker decided to raise interest rates from 2% in the late 70s, to 18% in the early 80s. The effect this had was that the countries of the developing world suddenly had to pay enormous interest on their loans, and in 1982, Mexico announced it could no longer afford to pay its interest, and it defaulted on its debt, which set off the 1980s debt crisis – collapsing nations in debt across Latin America, Africa and parts of Asia.

It was the IMF and the World Bank came to the ‘assistance’ of the Third World with their ‘structural adjustment programs’, which forced countries seeking assistance to privatize all state owned industries and resources, devalue their currencies, liberalize their economies, dismantle health, education and social services; ultimately resulting in the re-colonization of the ‘Third World’ as Western corporations and banks bought all their assets and resources, and ultimately created the conditions of social genocide, with the spread of mass poverty, and the emergence of corrupt national elites who were subservient to the interests of Western elites. The people in these nations would protest, riot and rebel, and the states would clamp down with the police and military.

In the West, corporations and banks saw rapid, record-breaking profits. This was the era in which the term ‘globalization’ emerged. While profits soared, wages for people in the West did not. Thus, to consume in an economy in which prices were rising, people had to go into debt. This is why this era marked the rise of credit cards fueling consumption, and the middle class became a class based entirely on debt.

In the 1990s, the ‘new world order’ was born, with America ruling the global economy, free trade agreements began integrating regional and global markets for the benefit of global banks and corporations, and speculation dominated the economy.

The global economic crisis arose as a result of decades of global imperialism – known recently as ‘globalization’ – and the reckless growth of– speculation, derivatives and an explosion of debt. As the economic crisis spread, nations of the world, particularly the United States, bailed out the major banks (which should have been made to fail and crumble under their own corruption and greed) , and now the West has essentially privatized profits for the banks, and socialized the risk. In other words, the nations bought the debt from the banks, and now the people have to pay for it. The people, however, are immersed in their own personal debt to such degrees that today, the average Canadian is $39,000 in debt, and students are graduating into a jobless market with tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars of student debt that they will never repay. Hence, we are now faced with a global debt crisis.

To manage the economic crisis, the G20 was established as the major international forum for cooperation among the 20 major economies of the world, including the major developing – or emerging – economies, such as India, Brazil, South Africa and China. At the onset of the financial crisis, China and Russia’s central banks began calling for the establishment of a global currency to replace the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency. This proposal was backed by the UN and the IMF. It should be noted, however, that the Chinese and Russian central banks cooperate with the Western central banks through the Bank for International Settlements – which the President of the European Central Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet, recently said was the principle forum for “governance of central bank cooperation” and that the G20 isthe prime group for global economic governance.” In 2009, the IMF stated that the BIS “is the central and the oldest focal point for coordination of global governance arrangements.” The President of the European Union, appointed to the position after attending a Bilderberg meeting, declared 2009 as the “first year of global governance.” The 2009 Bilderberg meeting reported on the desire to create a global treasury, or global central bank, to manage the world economy. In 2009, prior to the Bilderberg meeting in fact, the G20 set in motion plans to make the IMF a global central bank of sorts, issuing and even printing its own currency – called Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) – which is valued against a basket of currencies. In May of 2010, the IMF Managing Director stated that “crisis is an opportunity, ” and while Special Drawing Rights are a step in the right direction, ultimately what is needed isa new global currency issued by a global central bank, with robust governance and institutional features.” Thus, we see the emergence of a process towards the formation of a global central bank and a global currency, totally unaccountable to any nation or people, and totally controlled by global banking interests.

In 2010, Greece was plunged into a debt crisis, a crisis which is now spreading across Europe, to the U.K. and eventually to Japan and the United States. If we look at Greece, we see the nature of the global debt crisis. The debt is owed to major European and American banks. To pay the interest on the debt, Greece had to get a loan from the European Central Bank and the IMF, which forced the country to impose ‘fiscal austerity’ measures as a condition for the loans, pressuring Greece to commit social genocide. Meanwhile, the major banks of America and Europe speculate against the Greek debt, further plunging the country into economic and social crisis. The loan is granted, to pay the interest, yet simply has the effect of adding to the overall debt, as a new loan is new debt. Thus, Greece is caught in the same debt trap that re-colonized the Third World.

At the recent G20 meeting in Toronto, the major nations of the world agreed to impose fiscal austerity – or in other words, commit social genocide – within their nations, in a veritable global structural adjustment program. So now we will see the beginnings of the Great Global Debt Depression, in which major western and global nations cut social spending, create mass unemployment by dismantling health, education, and social services. Further, state infrastructure – such as roads, bridges, airports, ports, railways, prisons, hospitals, electric transmission lines and water – will be privatized, so that global corporations and banks will own the entirely of national assets. Simultaneously, of course, taxes will be raised dramatically to levels never before seen. The BIS said that interest rates should rise at the same time, meaning that interest payments on debt will dramatically increase at both the national and individual level, forcing governments to turn to the IMF for loans – likely in the form of its new global reserve currency – to simply pay the interest, and will thus be absorbing more debt. Simultaneously, of course, the middle class will in effect have its debts called in, and since the middle class exists only as an illusion, the illusion will vanish.

Already, towns, cities, and states across America are resorting to drastic actions to reduce their debts, such as closing fire stations, scaling back trash collection, turning off street lights, ending bus services and public transportation, cutting back on library hours or closing them altogether, school districts cutting down the school day, week or year. Simultaneously, this is occurring with a dramatic increase in the rate of privatizations or “public-private partnerships” in which even libraries are being privatized.

No wonder then, that this month, the Managing Director of the IMF warned that America and Europe, in the midst of the worst jobs crisis since the Great Depression, face an “explosion of social unrest.” Just yesterday, Europe experienced a wave of mass protests and social unrest in opposition to ‘austerity measures’, with a general strike in Spain involving millions of people, and a march on the EU headquarters in Brussels of nearly 100,000 people. As social unrest spreads, governments will likely react – as we saw in the case of the G20 in Toronto – with oppressive police state measures. Here, we see the true relevance of the emergence of ‘Homeland Security States’, designed not to protect people from terrorists, but to protect the powerful from the people.

So while things have never seemed quite so bleak, there is a dim and growing beacon of hope, in what Zbigniew Brzezinski has termed as the greatest threat to elite interests everywhere – the ‘global political awakening’. The global political awakening is representative of the fact that for the first time in all of human history, mankind is politically awakened and stirring, activated and aware, and that generally – as Zbigniew Brzezinski explains – generally is aware of global inequalities, exploitation, and disrespect. This awakening is largely the result of the information revolution – thus revealing the contradictory nature of the globalization project – as while it globalizes power and oppression, so too does it globalize awareness and opposition. This awakening is the greatest threat to entrenched elite interests everywhere. The awakening, while having taken root in the global south – already long subjected to exploitation and devastation – is now stirring in the west, and will grow as the economy crumbles. As the middle classes realize their consumption was an illusion of wealth, they will seek answers and demand true change, not the Wall Street packaged ‘brand-name’ change of Obama Inc., but true, inspired, and empowering change.

In 1967, Martin Luther King delivered a speech in which he spoke out against the Vietnam War and the American empire, and he stated that, “It seems as if we are on the wrong side of a world revolution.” So now it seems to me that the time has come for that to change.

Andrew Gavin Marshall is a Research Associate with the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) .

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I Have But One Dream

This poem is dedicated to the late
Martin Luther King

I have but one dream
that one day all men and women
will see there is no difference
between us no matter what colour we are.
The air we breathe you and I,
is the same as everyone else.
We are all born of the same colour blood
and we all bleed when we are cut.
There is no difference in our bodys makeup
apart from the shade of our skin.
Yet if you are white in the winter,
you want to look a darker shade
when the summer comes.
If a brother or sister
is that colour all year around
why do we want to look like them
only when summer comes?
If you can answer that question
and understand the meaning of what I say
then racial hatred will slowly disappear
from our world today
and all men and women will live in harmony.
Love will then prevail to set everyone free.

11 September 2008

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American Flag

i've had mixed feelings
about the American flag
ever since they lowered it
for President Kennedy...
it took a beating during
the civil rights movement.
and then there was Vietnam,
all the atrocities, the lies,
the wasted deaths...
the marches, the protests,
the Kent State killings...
and the flag was burned
in anger, and i understood
the anger
and now the corporate takeover,
the loss of human rights,
the loss of dignity, and hope
how many deaths does it take?
JFK, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King
forty thousand plus in Vietnam
how many in the lying oil wars
in Iraq and Afghanistan?
how many homeless and jobless
does it take?
how many migrant workers treated
like animals?
how many old people have to lose
the benefits they've worked for?

and i think back to my old hero,
Thomas Jefferson what would he say?
maybe something like this:
'the real American flag isnt made of cloth,
it's drawn on the backs of the American workers.
male and female of all races and religions,
the people that built this country
the heart blood of this country.
when you put these people down
with your greed, your lies, your apathy
then you lower the flag.
and it can never be raised again
till all Americans walk heads up together
with hope till all have an equal opportunity
to live and be in freedom
until such day you have no flag! '

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History Is Made Today

Kunta Kinte's Gambia,
Kwame Nkrumah's Ghana,
Nelson Mandela's South Africa,
Kofi Annan's U.N.,
And Barack Obama's U.S.A.;
All the records are there for a purpose,
For today history is made in the U.S.A.!

Check the history of these great men and what they are made of?
For the Slave Trade started in the year 1530;
And in 2008, a Blackman is elected as the 44th U.S.President.
1530 to the Slave Trade,
And after 478 years today history is made;
4th November's U.S. Election made a history!

Of slaves from Nigeria,
Of slaves from Ghana,
Of slaves from Senegal,
Of slaves from Gambia,
Of slaves from Angola,
And all the other places of the African Continent;
What was due to us has been done.

'I have a dream'! Martin Luther King (1963):
And today (2008) the dream is fulfilled (Barack Hussein Obama) .
Even babies could pronouce the name 'Obama'! ! !
For the American dream is for a better America.

Of the slaves gone by and the tears of the people today,
Out of Africa to America;
Inot the plantations of a hard work to fulfil this dream today,
So i really understood the tears of many after the results.

'Yes we can'! After 478 years in history;
The American Independence came but many were still not liberated,
Not until the 4th November's 2008 U.S. Election.
I say the tears of many,
And this history of the First Black Family to sit in the White House;
But to al things, let us give glory to the Creator Almighty.

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Manifestation of A Dream

Today I sit here and ponder the trials and struggles that have been won
Remembering the marches and the words of faith,
We shall overcome” were the words sung.
The verse in Hebrews, “Now faith is the substance,
The substance of things hoped for, the evidence,
The evidence of things not seen…seen in the distance.
The faith, the dream passed down from our ancestors
The dream, the faith given by God to help us forgive
Our trespasses and our trespassers
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave a speech on the 28th day of August in 1963
Stating that when the “architects of our own republic
Wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and Declaration
They signed a note of promissory
It was a promise that all men, black men, as well as white
Would be guaranteed the right to pursue happiness, liberty,
And the unalienable rights to life”
Forty-six years later Barack Hussein Obama stood on the same platform
And the feeling of change was reborn
When he spoke these words he reignited the dream
The time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit, to choose our better history
To carry forward that precious gift, that noble idea,
passed on from generation to generation
The God given promise that all are equal, all are free, and deserve a chance
To pursue their full measure of happiness.”
The dream of brotherhood, equality, freedom and justice
The dream of valleys exalted, hills and valleys being made low
The dream of rough places being made plain
And crooked places being made straight
And having the faith that the Glory of the Lord shall be revealed
And all flesh shall see it together”
The day Barack Obama was sworn in as President
Was in God’s plan for his life and this land
In Judges, chapter 4, Barak was called-so this day was predestined
Langston asked, “What happens to a dream deferred? ’
In this instance the dream became the manifestation of faith
A manifestation of the struggles of slavery and oppression
A manifestation of the heart of African-Americans and all those of color
A manifestation of the content of our character
In Hebrews, it states without faith it is impossible to please God
Brothers and Sisters, the God we love and the God we serve is well pleased.

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A Man Of Faith-A Tribute To Dr. King

It was a time of unrest the sixties did bring.
A man of faith did have a dream.
As the Motown Sound played in many mother’s home,
Their sons were in Vietnam, where the fight by us would never be won.
Back home, the struggles for Civil Rights, we had set the tone.

I was a child when all this begin.
In a society blinded by discrimination,
Spawn by segregation.
It was difficult to understand.
Along came a man to struggle this hate.
A man of destiny was about to tempt his fate.

Years earlier, this man of responsibilities heard about injustice pertaining to a seat.
In the Deep South, his plights took heat.
Yet, he took it on.
His determination was strong.
The Country knew the start of Civil Rights was born.

A peacemaker was he.
It was nonviolence he did seek.
With the Lord on his side, how could he go wrong?

On April the 4th, his life was cut short.
An assassin’s bullet shot him surrounded by his cohorts.
Our pain was great.
Our revenge was our desire.
Before we knew it, the cities were on fire.

Needing hope and guidance to restore our confidence.
Needing wisdom and understanding so all of this could make sense.
We had to wake up and remember.
He stood for nonviolence or were we all just dense?

Over the years, the wars continued-the fall of regimes.
Do we remember the sacrifices of this man named King?
His journey did end but his glory found.
If we dont remember, we are still trouble bound.

After all these years, I can let it be said.
Injustice and discrimination still rear their ugly heads.
For every night, I turn and twist.
I try to clear my mind a bit.
I know this world is still in conflict.

No interruptions were at my door, I can inform.
I sat alone on January 15,2007 and I wrote this poem.
I thought of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mr. Malcolm X, and Mr. Medgar Evers.
They fought for social change in their own way.
Man, how difficult it was for one of them to even get a holiday.

In 2007, new leaders emerged to carry us through:
Governor Deval Patrick, Mayor Shirley Franklin, and yes,
(Now President) O’Bama and Ms. Oprah Winfrey too.

However, let us not forget the work of Dr. King and all that it means.
For this courageous man of faith-he did have a dream.
Thank you God for sending us Dr. Martin Luther King.

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This Hero (An Ode To The American Military Veteran)

The American Military Veteran, a breed of hero, unparalleled in history,
Gave so much to so many-yet, somehow remains to them, a mystery.
What would possess an individual with so many rights guaranteed,
To leave it all behind, and gallantly defend liberty in a foreign land in need! ? !
Why would they risk their lives for the sake of strangers-or, even care! ? !
Perhaps they believe: 'injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.' *

Freedom is only ever free so long as there are patriots willing to die to preserve it.

'Hero' is a moniker oft-bandied about, but there are some who truly deserve it.
This hero simply acts, when and where action is needed, in spite of danger.
This hero acts with honor and integrity, for a Brother In Arms, or a stranger,
No matter the risk to him or herself-a selfless dedication that very few possess.
What this hero means to a free world, words could never properly express;
A simply 'thank you for your service' is all that most people can humbly tender,
All the while, never able to gather what drives a person to banish the word 'surrender'
From his/her vocabulary, and speak a language filled with acronyms and foreign jargon.
'Enemies of the Constitution', foreign or domestic, are not ones with which they will bargain-
For THIS, and this alone, is the one precept to which they pledge unwavering allegiance.

We are One Nation Under God, and they believe that He created, in His Omnipotence,
This 'More Perfect Union' so that we may be freedom's foremost defender.
This hero served, so that all may enjoy liberty and justice, in all their splendor,
Not just for today and tomorrow-but, so that our progeny may, for all perpetuity,
Live their lives under the blanket of the freedoms provided by truly selfless acuity.

This hero deserves so much more from us than just our heart-felt appreciation,
He or she earned the right to your utmost respect, with tireless dedication
To principles that most seem to take for granted, except when reminded.
Take the time to truly get to know one of these heroes, if you are still blinded
By an ignorance that may be unintentional, yet very real still the same.
These words are meant to edify and inspire, not surely to assess any sort of blame-
Not only will you surely get to better know a remarkably heroic human being,
But perhaps learn to appreciate more, the very freedom you are now seeing.

*Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter From A Birmingham Jail

-Maurice Harris,7 November 2012

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Words Of Wisdom

Killing us one by one
In one way or another
American will find a way to eliminate the problem
One by one
The problem is
The troubles in the black youth of the ghettos
And one by one
We are being wiped off the face of this earth
At an extremly alarming rate
And even more alarming is the fact
That we are not fighting back
Brothers, sistas, niggas
When I say niggas it is not the nigga we are grown to fear
It is not the nigga we say as if it has no meaning
But to me
It means never ignorant getting goals acomplishes, nigga
Niggas what are we going to do
Walk blind into a line or fight
Fight and die if we must like niggas
This is for the masses the lower classes
The ones you left out, jobs were givin, better livin
But we were kept out
Made to feel inferior, but were the superior
Break the chains in out brains that made us fear yah
Pledge a legiance to a flag that neglects us
Honour a man that who refuses to respect us
Emmancipation, proclamation, please!
Nigga just said that to save the nation
These are lies that we all accepted
Say no to drugs but the governments keep it
Running through our community, killing the unity
The war on drugs is a war on you and me
And yet they say this is the home of the free
But if you ask me its all about hyprocracy
The constitution, yo, it dont apply to me
Lady liberty still the bitch lied to me
Steady strong nobodys gonna like what I pumpin
But its wrong to keeping someone from learning something
So get up, its time to start nation building
Im fed up, we gotta start teaching childern
That they can be all that they wanna to be
Theres much more to life than just poverty
This is defaintly ahhh words of wisdom
Amerika, amerika, amerikkka
I charge you with the crime of rape, murder, and assault
For suppressing and punishing my people
I charge you with robery for robbing me of my history
I charge you with false imprisonment for keeping me
Trapped in the projects
And the jury finds you guilty on all accounts
And you are to serve the consequences of your evil schemes
Prosecutor do you have any more evidience
Words of wisdom
They shine upon the strength of an nation
Conquer the enemy on with education
Protect thy self, reach with what you wanna do
Know thy self, teach what we been through
On with the knowledge of the place, then
No one will ever oppress this race again
No malcolm x in my history text
Why is that?
Cause he tried to educate and liberate all blacks
Why is martin luther king in my book each week?
He told blacks, if they get smacked, turn the other cheek
I dont get it, so many questions went through my mind
I get sweated, they act as if asking questions is a crime
But forget it, one day Im gonna prove them wrong
Now every brother had to smother on the welfare line
The american dream, though it seems it attainable
Theyre pulling your sleave, dont believe
Cause it will strangle yah
Pulling the life of your brain, I cant explain
Beg as you can obtain from which you came
Swear that your mother is living in equality
Forgeting your brother thats living her apology
Thought they had us beat when they took our kids
But the battle aint over till the black man sings
Words of wisdom
But the battle aint over till the black man sings
Words of wisdom
Nightmare thats what I am
Americas nightmare
I am what you made me
The hate and evil that you gave me
I shine of a reminder of what you have done to my people
For four hundred plus years
You should be scared
You should be running
You should be trying to silence me
Ha ha
But you can not escape fate
Well it is my turn to come
Just as you rose you shall fall
By my hands
Amerika, you reap what you sow
2pacalypse americas nightmare
Ice cube and da lench mob americas nightmare
Above the law americas nightmare
Paris americas nightmare
Public enemy americas nightmare
Krs-one americas nightmare
Mutulu shakur americas nightmare
Geronimo pratt americas nightmare
Assada shakur americas nightmare

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Nobody realizes this severe back pain in the Land of Opportunity?

Pain killer Vicodin not responds to this sick man
Even my companion miniature cheap Liquor bottle too turned around?
My salutation to the sculpture depicting Comrade Martin Luther King Jr. stands in Washington.
'I have a dream'

It's really unbearable
'Sciatica' they diagnosed
In the emergency theater
Their sarcastic smiles
I understand you're not dying anyhow
And you do not have insurance somehow
For investigation the matter furthermore?
I murmured then why don't you give me an injection to die
And bury me at the wounded knee?

*A humble dedication to the Honourable President of the USA Mr.Barack Obama for a solace!

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James Brown

Still We Rise

The White House Is Still White, Hmm! , really, must be a figment or someones migration working on their concentration, collaboration of devastation trying to be an infiltrator of motivation.
Why has racial discrimination become so tenement in the white house?
A man and the people behind him made a dream reality, Martin Luther King Jr said it better one day and that day, when President Obama moved into the white house.
The white house is still white so why fight people there are enough wars going on around the world, let President Obama do his job, he cannot appease all he has to regulate one thing at a time.

Written by James Brown

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The Dream (A Eulogy For Martin Luther King, Jr.)

He had a dream, to which all should aspire;
Poignantly, his earthly life met with Empyrean supplant,
As same is honored always, by chimeric flame;
Die did not, the dream, which is indubitably extant.
The dream may remove the blight of an iniquitous past.
If the dream is not to wither, needed are many a dreamer
Who know that justice is the truth that sets you...'free at last';
This is The Law, as taught by The Great Redeemer.

The dream is revolutionary, yet quite simplistic-
Self-gratifying, while wholly-altruistic;
The dream is justice, for one, for all-all the same;
The dream shan't die, as evidenced by the eternal flame-
As though a beacon, it states: 'let freedom ring';
'Thank God Almighty, for the gift who was Doctor King!

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Invisible Man

Kunta Kinte's Gambia,
Of many Africans taken away during the Slavery days;
But today, the 44th U.S. President has his roots in Africa!

It was 1530 to the Slave Trade,
But the first Slave-Ship landed in Virginia in 1619;
And we are all part of the Dream today.

'Male and Female Slaves for sale',
A Ship from Angola landed in Jamestown in 1619;
And those were the Slavery Days gone by.

Today, the White House is ready for the First Black Family;
With Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Rock 'n' Roll, Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop and Rap.
Like the days of the invisible man,
Like the days of their hardships,
Like the days of the way forward without hope;
So take a leraning tour on this poem.

Booker.T. Wasshington,
Aretha Franklins,
Thurgood Marshall,
Joe Louis,
Muhammed Ali,
Sidney Poitier,
Jackie Robinson,
Martin Luther King ('i have a dream' 1963):
The invisible man is always around you in town.

Jesse Owens,
W.E.B. Du Bois,
Hattie McDaniels,
James Meredith,
Hiram Revels,
Rosa Parks,
Toni Morrison,
James Baldwin (the fire next time):
The invisible man is there for you to learn from.

Malcom X,
Colin Powell,
Michael Jackson,
Condoleezza Rice,
Jesse Jackson,
Elijah Muhammed,
Ralph Waldo Ellison,
Alex Haley (Roots):
The invisible man had been with you for years!
But you can also learn from Ann Nixon Cooper like,
Barack Obama (Dreams From My Father) !

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Peace and Justice On Behalf Of Dr. M.L.King

(This poem is dedicated to the dreams of Martin Luther King Jr.)

We want Peace and Justice
We are not asking for too much
We do not want to go too far to search
We want Peace and Justice
For the wrongly convicted
And for the illegally executed
Let the bells of freedom ring
From Paris to Washington
From Bangkok to Beijing
From Sudan to Hong Kong
From Iran to Pakistan
From China to Nigeria
From Haiti to Afghanistan
From Holland to India
From Israel to Canada
From Trinidad to Iceland
From Germany to South Africa
From Egypt to New Zealand
Let the thunders bring the gifts of Liberty
To every country in the universe
We were born to live in peace and harmony
The human mind is creative and diverse
Let's use our imagination to make life better for all
Let’s learn to be just and proud, and to walk tall
Corruption can only destroy; injustice can only rot the pot
Theft can only bring hell and greed is like an insatiable rat
Who will not stop until there is no more in the container
Let’s dream bigger and consistently help each other
We want Peace and Justice
For the demonstrators who are fighting for their alienable rights
We want Peace and Justice
At the end of the tunnel, we want to be able to see glorious lights
That can bring hope and stability throughout the continents
We want the perpetrators, the kidnappers and the criminal elements
To be punished in accordance to the laws of nature
We want the Courts to be fair and impartial
The dictators who stole the people’s money must be brought to trial
Their cronies and their henchmen who robbed our future
Must pay the consequences of their misdeeds
We dont want violence
We dont want silence
We want common sense to prevail all the time
We want a world free of crime
We want Peace and Justice for all
We want to eliminate the bad seeds
We want Peace and Justice for all.

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The Outsiders

You took me to the restaurant where we first met
You knocked a future shock crowbar upside my head
I got caught with the stop of the tick-tock, tick-tock clock
When you told me what you knew
Lost in the moment
The day that the music stopped
And I do remember you
Drawing patterns with a cork on the tablecloth
Promising volcanic change of plot
Where will this lead us - I'm scared of the storm
The outsiders are gathering, a new day is born
I tried to tell you I am not afraid
You looked up and saw it all across my face
So am I with you or am I against
I don't think it's that easy - we're lost in regret
Now I'm trying to remember
The feeling when the music stopped
When you told me what you knew
Lost in the moment
The day that the music stopped
And I do remember you
Drawing patterns with a cork on the tablecloth
Promising volcanic change of plot
Where does this leave us - I'm scared of the storm
The outsiders are gathering, a new day is born
Drawing patterns with a cork on the tablecloth
Promising volcanic change of plot
Where does this leave us - I'm scared of the storm
The outsiders are gathering, a new day is born
The outsiders are gathering, a new day is born
The outsiders are gathering
A man walks away when every muscle says to stay
How many yesterdays - they each weigh heavy
Who says what changes may come?
Who says what we call home?
I know you see right through me, my luminescence fades
The dusk provides an antidote, I am not afraid
I've been a million times in my mind
This is really just a technicality, frailty, reality
Uh, it's time to breathe, time to believe
Let it go and run towards the sea
They don't teach that, they don't know what you mean
They don't understand, they don't know what you mean
They don't get it, I wanna scream
I wanna breathe again, I wanna dream
I wanna float a quote from Martin Luther King
I am not afraid
I am not afraid
I am not afraid
I am not afraid
I am not afraid
I am not afraid
I am not afraid

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The Outsiders (alternate Version)

you took me to the restaurant where we first met.
you knocked a future shock crowbar upside my head.
I got caught with the stop of the tick tock, tick tock clock
when you told me what you knew.
lost in the moment, the day that the music stopped.
and I do remember you.
I tried to tell you I am not afraid
you looked up and saw it all across my face
so am I with you or am I against?
I don't think it's that easy, we're lost in regret.
now I'm trying to remember the feeling when the music stopped.
when you told me what you knew.
lost in the moment, the day that the music stopped.
and I do remember you.
A man walks away. when every muscle says to stay.
how many yesterdays? they each weigh heavy.
who says what changes may come. who says what we call home.
I know you see right through me, my luminescence fades,
the dusk provides an antidote, I am not afraid.
I've been a million times, in my mind, and this is really just a technicality.
frailty. reality.
uh, It's time to breathe. Time to believe. Let it go and run towards the sea.
they don't teach that, they don't know what you mean.
they don't understand, they don't know what you mean.
they don't get it, I want to scream.
I want to breathe again, I want to dream.
I want to float a quote from Martin Luther King
I am not afraid I am not afraid I am not afraid

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7 O'Clock News / Silent Night

Silent night, holy night.
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon Virgin Mother and child.
Holy Infant, so tender and mild,
Sleep in heavenly peace...
Sleep in heavenly peace.
This is the early evening edition of the news.
The recent fight in the House of Representatives over the open housing section of the Civil Rights Bill brought traditional enemies together, but it left the defenders of the measure without the votes of their strongest supporters. President Johnson originally proposed an outright ban covering discrimination by everyone for every type of housing, but it had no chance from the start and everyone in Congress knew it. A compromise was painfully worked out in the House Judiciary Committee.
In Los Angeles today comedian Lenny Bruce died of what was believed to be an overdose of narcotics. Bruce was 42 years old.
Dr. Martin Luther King says he does not intend to cancel plans for an open housing march Sunday into the Chicago suburb of Cicero. Cook County Sheriff Richard Ogleby asked King to call of the march, and the police in Cicero said they would ask the National Guard to be called out if it is held. King, now in Atlanta, Georgia, plans to return to Chicago Tuesday.
In Chicago, Richard Speck, accused murderer of nine student nurses, was brought before a grand jury today for indictment. The nurses were found stabbed and strangled in their Chicago apartment.
In Washington, the atmosphere was tense today as a special sub-committee of the House Committee on Un-American Activities continued its probe into anti-Viet Nam war protests. Demonstrators were forcibly evicted from the hearings when they began chanting anti-war slogans. Former Vice President Richard Nixon says that unless there is a substantial increase in the present war effort in Viet Nam, the US should look forward to five more years of war. In a speech before the Convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars in New York, Nixon also said opposition to the war in this country is the greatest single weapon working against the US.
Thats the 7 oclock edition of the news. Goodnight.

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Lament for American Progress

America messes up the Middle East
Leaves itself beholden to dictators
And Chinese communist creditors
Its public schools are largely a disgrace
And she may not notice but the
Mutilees de guerre
Are almost everywhere

America never gets anything right
Not since World War Two and the rebuilding of Germany
Spends its common treasure on foreign misadventures
And on handouts to political
lobbies and contractors

And then wonders why there's a weak dollar
And a financial crisis
Corporate execs walk out from the rubble
Smiling deep into their bonuses
One hand greases off another

Builds useless walls with Mexico
Bans drugs criminalizes the black male populace
Builds weapons to threaten from space
Never builds coast levees high enough
Or accepts its role in global warming

Loses 2,000-plus souls in a terror attack
And spends the next seven-plus years
Disputing the design of a monument

Thinks the definition of civilisation
Is carrying a gun
Can't be bothered even to understand
Its own Constitution!

(Look up the second amendment
And read the whole paragraph -
Not just the convenient part!) .

The gross malfeasance
Of those in government
Never gets punished
So is constantly repeated
Congressional investigations mocked and defeated
Senators found guilty of a crime
Can't even summon the shame to resign!

America never gets anything done
Blame a corrupt power elite if you will
The party hacks on the laps of the lobbyists
Instead of the people who keep right on
Voting for clowns and crooks or don't vote at all
I won't blame you.

America sure got one thing right
His name is Obama
But if history is a guide
We should all be afraid

For America never got to the bottom
America never got to the truth
And soon stopped demanding
Or even asking for the truth:
Who shot John Kennedy
And why
Who shot Robert Kennedy
And why
Who shot Martin Luther King
And why

And who is protecting
The President now?
A President who understands the stakes
And the reality of the Power

Health care reform
Is the eye of the storm

People elect an honest man
Through the electoral industry
And then the mass corporate interests come
To ensure he gets almost nothing done!

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Racism Still Sadly Continues...

Racism comes in many different shapes and forms
Sadly I have had my fair share since I’ve been born
Judged before I have been even given a chance
Delaying my future and for my career to advance

My parents tell me of stories they have had to endure
I wish racism was a sickness with a dose of medication to cure
Thankfully there are good hearted and educated people
Who can look beyond skin colour and treat us all as an equal

Why would another persons skin colour be such an issue?
Get to know them; they might have things in common just like you
I am so fed up of hearing “They from so and so, they all the same
Everyone has differences but skin colour is not to blame

I wonder sometimes is it because the racist themselves are afraid to mix
Who knows, I am only looking for a solution to get it fixed
Its a major problem none of us like or need,
How sad to hear, a racist sees skin colour the only reason to want to make you bleed
You see films like ‘Mississippi Burning’
I think to myself that was then but when are racist going to start learning?

If humans never saw in colour, what would it be like then?
I am sure everyone would get along and call each other friend
I hope my kids and the next generation never get to witness racism first hand
Lets pray for them racism was a issue in the past that no longer stands

Life is hard as it is, without the need of racism
Like supporting our family and giving our kids a good education
Ways to stop racism should begin at home and school
Getting along will be our biggest advantage, our strongest tool
I did have people who I did call friends
But their own racist views meant our friendship had to end

It does not matter, if your white, black or brown
You should feel safe to walk and talk in any town
Racism has to be erased from every country and every street
Knowing racism is not an issue when theirs someone new we meet
Everyone has the right to go anywhere they choose
Because whilst racism is still alive, no one wins, everybody lose

To those facing racism, all I can say is be brave and stay strong
To those racist, deep down in your heart you must know its wrong?
God blessed us by putting us here, giving us all different shades of colour
Were not meant to have the same colour skin, but we all can respect one another

Martin Luther King Jr said in 1963 “I have a dream
But up to now it has yet to be seen

Amit Chubbah - 21.04.2008

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Cellophane Spirit: Improvisation 10 19 2004

Old men have seen a memory blown by sleeping,
wails of grief kisses sucked up excavated noses
soul stirring psalms to the very top of the lung
energy boasts of a golden but feared recall, I
have seen the fingering of Miles Davis’ trumpet
wail of sex instincts on Stella by Starlight sung
Jesus looking for guileless disciples in the gilded
night I have seen a memory, driven by alleys of
Georgetown fences, noted gentries out-of-the-way
welcome entries, walked to mama’s down at the
very end of towns, P Street’s dead turn onto the
Avenue of murderer’s row in a towns strip of
social clubs, I have walked sidewalk storm drains
from stoops of filth down to Main & Baltimore
streets, I have seen memory collect in the smaller
towns of Shelbyville, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio,
Tennessee, and Springfield, Illinois, cellophane
swathes the memory, what’s known of selected
service towns, soldiers never coming home,
where divine earth gardens of herbs, salts, and
sugary loves are grown, I have seen a memory
stripped off every language, a cappella chanting
of soliloquists, ritual Griot and orphaned rappers
of cellophane spirit; porno on sheets of exhibited
joy, I have seen a memory cruising the boulevards
to The Louver and the mall to The Smithsonian, got
down with nightfall song on Martin Luther King Jr.
Avenues with whores pimps of priest and mothers,

(Cellophane Spirit, Page 2)

memory eyes that burn high with desire set afire
the fricative nature of her cellophane spirit,
I have seen a memory of towns of orphaned sons
bound for locomotive dreams there in old houses on
Rose Street, Spanish laborers now rent overcrowded
dream Tudor houses, mansions of memories now city
neighbors with funeral homes where strange crowds
gather in games of wake, I have seen a memory
for the dead a picnic and a park of spirits set aside
in stone, strange crowds in games of joy a girl’s legs
too young consent to cellophane; raps disown me,
I have seen the daydream, a mother’s body rise lit up,
I have seen a memory from depth’s perception of her
soul, my own spirit form inside the womb like a real
thing, I have seen a memory never like my own
strange crowds in games of joy, I have seen a memory
stele of brother’s names of patriot acts that poets write
of mummy rites of black bag remains, the soul return
from Seoul, drapes hung from Saigon and dried
peat field covered tarp from Iraq, I have seen a memory
of the Euphrates and black Hudson River shadow’s fade,
I have seen a memory, seen two lovers love to sleep
together try each other on, eleven fingers of the Nile
nourish the gene of memories I have seen, The Spirit
speak of memory as spirit penlight on the Word...
with and without, I have seen a memory was not
anything made that was made, I have seen in a memory
near light seen as near death, The Spirit has not a lot
to do but split the cellophane and the memory through
to split the days, spread the blankets for the night,
the sky and clouds wide open to gather in the rains,
spirited little fellows wrapped in the cellophane
that I have seen in a memory never in a dream.

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The Colour Bar

In twilight twentieth century
men I solemnly religiously revere
not one of sapiently reverend
top three is externally white I fear.
Mohatma Mohandas Karamchand Gandi.
Nelson Rolihlaha Mandela.
Martin Luther King. Their praise I sing.
Gandi lawyer statesman Indian nationalist leader
advocating ahimsa non-violent non-cooperation
Satyagraha truth and firmness a policy of passive
resistance to British rule advocated by Gandhi
defence of and by truth imprisoned many times
by South African and later British India authorities
assassinated by a Hindu nationalist in January 1948
never posthumously awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?
Mandela lawyer black South African nationalist leader
imprisoned again from 1964 to 1990 for life on charges
of sabotage and plotting to overthrow white government
'The Black Pimpernel' during clashes with authorities
avered because of his ability to avoid South African police
using several disguises a favourite an invisible chauffeur
Mandela anti-apartheid struggle symbol of unity for
worldwide anti-apartheid racial equality movement
Mandela served 27 years in prison 46664 AIDS activist
against AIDS epidemic awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.
King US Baptist minister black American civil rights leader
Montgomery, Alabama nonviolent bus boycott of 1955
during 382 days of boycott King was arrested his home
was bombed he was subjected to personal racist abuse
250,000 march organizer on Washington DC in 1963
to demand famous “I Have A Dream” speech racial equality
assaulted arrested twenty times awarded Nobel Peace Prize
in 1964 the year Nelson Mandela was sentenced to jail for life
assassinated on motel balcony Memphis Tennessee April 1968.
Will next martyr be an Arab
a stylized western prejudged ambassador?
No an old loyal lion of Israel
who died attempting a Palestinian Israeli
intervening tightrope gap act
assassinated by an Israeli nationalist in 1995.
Mahatma (‘Great Soul’)
a graphic symbol
used in ritual meditation
enclosing a circle a square
with God on each of four sides
to represent the universe.
a circular symbolic figure
as a Hindu and Buddhist religious symbol
representing entire universe in various religions
or a symbol in a dream
representing the dreamer’s search
for completeness and self-unity.
justification by faith alone
as a cardinal doctrine
or characterized by search
theology of Martin Luther.
specific destination of faith honour
connoting highest degree of saint-ship
one who voluntarily undergoes death penalty
refusing to renounce Christian faith
refusing to renounce any article of faith
perseverance in any Christian virtue
perseverance exhibited in obedience
to any law command of holy church.
any twenty-first century apostle
of Prophet Martin Luther King
advocating equality for all humanity
as chosen spokes comprising
ever rotating great wheel turning eternally
in cosmic circle of life or characterized
by theology of Dr. Martin Luther King.
cosmic wheel
turning turning turning
souls earth incarnated
learning learning learning.
The famous scientist
Albert Einstein said
paying tribute to
Mahatma Gandhi
upon his death
'Generations to come will scarce believe
that such a man as this
walked the earth in flesh and blood'.
Funny peculiar not funny haha how
some professing faith deny men of miracles.

Written 13.3.1996.

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