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The clock strikes twelve sonorous chimes.
The witching hour of midnight is here
the best of times the worst of times.
That vampires love and humans fear.

Upon your balcony I stand and gloat,
you lie unconscious that I am near.
I feast my hungry eyes upon your throat
I cast a spell of calm to soothe your fear.

Your raven hair upon the pillow spread,
a startling contrast of light and shade.
Your lissom figure lying safe in bed
Confirms to me the choice that I have made.

Your fresh clean blood will revitalise me
and send new fire coursing through my veins.
Stop in its tracks the lethargy
and prove an anodyne for my pains.

As mist I filter through the smallest space.
To stand beside your bed and contemplate
my latest lover from the human race.
A source of life that I appreciate.

Your beauty moves me almost to pity.
For one brief moment I hesitate
but hunger overcomes my charity.
My burning need is such I cannot wait.

Your throat’s pulsating throb in the moonlight,
The warm rich blood I see that flows inside
holds me entranced so I delay the bite.
Beguiled by the perfection of your skin

You move and I can see between your breasts
a silver crucifix reflecting light.
My frustrated blood lust screams its protest
I have no choice for this I cannot fight.

Struck by your face and form you were my choice.
A draught of nectar that would satisfy,
a meal to make an emperor rejoice.
A delight for me that you would not deny.

You are protected by that blessed cross
I am frustrated but I cannot fight
It is not fair that I should suffer loss,
The cross pays no attention to my need.

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