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The clock strikes twelve sonorous chimes.
The witching hour of midnight is here
the best of times the worst of times.
That vampires love and humans fear.

Upon your balcony I stand and gloat,
you lie unconscious that I am near.
I feast my hungry eyes upon your throat
I cast a spell of calm to soothe your fear.

Your raven hair upon the pillow spread,
a startling contrast of light and shade.
Your lissom figure lying safe in bed
Confirms to me the choice that I have made.

Your fresh clean blood will revitalise me
and send new fire coursing through my veins.
Stop in its tracks the lethargy
and prove an anodyne for my pains.

As mist I filter through the smallest space.
To stand beside your bed and contemplate
my latest lover from the human race.
A source of life that I appreciate.

Your beauty moves me almost to pity.
For one brief moment I hesitate
but hunger overcomes my charity.
My burning need is such I cannot wait.

Your throat’s pulsating throb in the moonlight,
The warm rich blood I see that flows inside
holds me entranced so I delay the bite.
Beguiled by the perfection of your skin

You move and I can see between your breasts
a silver crucifix reflecting light.
My frustrated blood lust screams its protest
I have no choice for this I cannot fight.

Struck by your face and form you were my choice.
A draught of nectar that would satisfy,
a meal to make an emperor rejoice.
A delight for me that you would not deny.

You are protected by that blessed cross
I am frustrated but I cannot fight
It is not fair that I should suffer loss,
The cross pays no attention to my need.

But I must feed and very soon
I leave you my delicacy
So I fly out under the moon
and break my fast greedily.

Upon a tramp much coarser fare
Than was intended for my feast
His wine soaked blood cannot compare
with yours my love not in the least.

You cross protected you this night
and I was forced to turn and flee
from power that I cannot fight.
But you my sweet are meant for me.

You will forget to wear that sign
around your neck but I can wait
and when you do then you are mine
a gift that I’ll appreciate.

Your fresh young beauty calls to me
I must and will pursue my quest
and I will watch you ceaselessly.
For you I’ve chosen as the best.

Sleep well my love and stay healthy
Enjoy your life in happiness
I know that you belong to me,
Without your cross you are helpless.

You will forget to put it on
Just one small act of carelessness
Then you become mine alone
And I’ll enjoy your tenderness.

We vampires are a patient breed.
Immortality grants us this
We wait to satisfy our need
Then we bestow the fatal kiss.

The tender kiss you do not feel
Nor do you feel that single bite
That pierces you, your blood to steal.
That rapturous moment of delight.

It’s only when you start to crave
For sweet fresh blood that’s rich and red.
An urge that brings you from your grave
You realise you are undead.

You join the ranks of predators
that stalk the dark of night to feed.
There is no justice or recourse
From the half life you’re forced to lead.

Once I was young and innocent
but she seduced me with her charm
A foolish youth on pleasure bent
I knew not that she meant me harm.

No harm I mean to you my love.
Nay I but grant eternal life
A lasting life for you and me
we can enjoy as man and wife.

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