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Things of the past [Din trecut]

Now, when has gone our love sincere
Come to the graveyard with me, dear,
Where are entombed under the grass,
And by oblivion concealed
So many frozen dreams, alas!
Time and aloofness are their shield.
Get rid of your regrets and shame:
No one can put on us the blame.

So many crosses are around!...
Our first kiss lies here in the ground:
The moon was watching from on high
How we were crossing love's frontiers
And it was shining in the sky,
While happiness made us shed tears,
Which slowly trickled on our face;
We sipped them all in hot embrace.

Elsewhere a longing – dead and dried:
Two kids were eager, side by side,
To walk together on the ways
Of their short lives, with visions bright,
Aiming to merge two shining rays
And make a single beam of light.
We were those kids – and it is true
They had a wish!...But me and you?...

And farther, where's the deepest grave,
Is our first vow, the word we gave,
You're in my arms, I hold you near
And kiss you gently from above,
While in the silence we can hear
The whispers of our hearts in love...
O, sweet affection led astray,
Who makes you feel the thrill today!

And not too far, in silence deep,
Fallen in everlasting sleep,
Lie our first long and heartfelt sigh,
Our last farewell, our heads inclined,
The tears that filled your dreary eye,
Which will be always in my mind,
Like all the dreams that were, you see,
Crushed by that painful “let me be”

Today, when we are still apart,
When cold has settled in our heart,
We seemingly are still aloof,
Look at each other with eyes blind;
Because we feel a sad reproof,

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