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Wings [Aripi]

On the sea of life I maybe let my mind to journey far
And I cheat myself with vain hopes, willingly, it's so bizarre,
I'm creating gold chimeras, lots of happenings arise,
And I watch them lost in rapture, for they all amaze my eyes.

Poetry! If I am walking or somewhere I'm standing still,
You bestow me with large blue wings, make me fly with so much skill;
There's no hindrance that can stop me, for I break it with my thought
And I'm waiting with excitement the events that life has brought!

On the road I see a treasure and it makes me feel content,
I get drunk of so much richness like a man that smells a scent.
I can see that everybody honors me and loves my stance,
Being charmed when I speak trifles, make a move or cast a glance.

Scores of ages still in future I believe will be inclined
To arrive with shining wonders to amaze and fill my mind.
Or in front of a brave army I can see myself sometimes,
Helmets spark, the drums start beating, in the distance a bell chimes...

When I wander in the wide world, crossing states that are so rife,
My heart rises from the ruins and my soul returns to life.
All alone, far from the people, I can see the deep blue sky
Opening a saintly portal to the mysteries on high
And my thought, which in the poems to a shining state will get,
In the golden stars will read then the eternal alphabet!

Wings! Through many polished visions you will help me now to fly!
On my forehead, rays of sunshine when you move will come and lie!
Don't you bring the sun inside me? What a splendor, what a charm,
When the red and light blue colors sooth me gently like a balm!

And around me pearls of silence crowd and make me feel so odd
When inside my heart I'm talking with the great and mighty God!
Wings! You are that ancient secret which the people cannot get,
You're the sacred flame that always worlds of wonder will beget,
And the whispers turning mildly into songs that off will fly,
Carried by the angels' voices to the boundless lofty sky!

poem by , translated by Octavian CocoĊŸReport problemRelated quotes
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