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Dear Prufrock

It’s meaningless they say
To not know the real.
Perpetually I have known
Erring on for unknown men –
Tinting light from shadows
In woes of day and night.
No rule to be; seek denial
The only way to wait and fall.
I dropped the teaspoon with a clang
Stopped measuring for all.
The lovers come and go,
Leaving memories to sow.
Grieving to live in fail
Hoping wrong to be well;
Forgetting the same old,
The very sane few –
Mattering the vague and obtuse
Crying in pain, misery and abuse.
The forgiveness forsaken in me;
The love knows no more.
Take or give a love all fine
Sipping tea and tasting wine.
Can you do the washing, of tears and sins?
There will be no time;
Not anymore.
Little for you, lesser for me
Out for anyone who dare.
Now, and then subliming in fury
Never recovered from the pain fully.
Maimed the innocence
And nipped the bud
Lusted the experience
Made love too hard.
Looking through the celluloid frame
Leaning tall and droopy eyes
And me, upended the blame!
That’s odd they said.
They say I had loved in vain.
Really now what did I gain?
Oh darling, I am no Phoenix
They said, yet I rise
I fall out but not close for repair.
They asked me to be awry and beware
To leave all behind.
What was there except pain
To go through this again?
No one had any idea really,
Never did actually.
Let the shame reside,
Let the slut take pride.

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