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The Dragon and The Phoenix (version one)

The Dragon and The Phoenix (version one) :
The sleeping Tiger lies in a mist, covered in mystery.
Who is he, what is his purpose?
The sleeping Flame lies in a cloud, shrouded by time.
Who is she, what is her purpose?
As the could falls in the night, and mingles in the mist... the Flame touches the Tiger and both awaken. The Flame brightens and swirls around the Tiger, the Tiger roars as the flames engulf him and he transforms into the wise Dragon. The Flame crackles as the Dragon's roar sounds through the night. The crackle becomes a cry of joy as the Dragon breathes a breath of fire upon the Flame, adding his burning love to hers. The Flame turns into a fiery bird with a great
cry. A Phoenix has been born, and a Dragon has grown in the fires of love. This bond forged is stronger than steel, stronger than the very foundations of the earth.
Nothing and no one can break this love. The love of the Dragon and the Phoenix will live beyond the end of time, their hearts forever entwined. Purpose has been found, the balance formed by the Dragon and Phoenix that awakened them is their purpose. The love they share forever is a shining light for all who despair; the Dragon and Phoenix are smiled upon by the Creator for they are what he intended love between two to be.

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