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Take Yo Money

I met this lil shorty that had some nice hips,
she asked if I wanted to come to her crib,
I said yeah becuase what Im about to do is real funny,
cuz all I wanna do is take ya money,

So we went to this restaurant and started to chill,
the waitress had came and I gave us the bill,
she saids ok it was my treat you didnt have to pay,
Im glad cuz I wasnt gonna pay anyway,

Three weeks we've been dating,
I lied and told her I love her,
cuz really I just wanted to get her under the cover,
but thats not the part thats really funny,
cuz all I wanna do is take ya money,

She woke up one morning sore from last night,
I said hey babe can you pay my car note,
she said sure I love you and I would do anything for you,
in my mind Im like your a damn fool,
I guess she just has sex on her brain,
cuz the next day she bought me a watch and five chains,
man this shit is soo funny,
cuz all I wanna do is take her money,

The next day she told me she wanted something real,
I said hold on shorty you need to sit down and chill,
if you didnt know this before,
well you might find this funny,
I was only wit you cuz I wanna take ya money,
so I laughed and jetted out the door,
she started yelling saying she doesnt want to see me no more,
I said I dont care, cuz what I did was real funny,
cuz alll I wannted do is take her money,

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