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Lost One, Have One

Everyone have a dream
Some go, some withdraaw
I went and went far
I had a dream
I have a dream

I dreamt with open eyes
Dreamt with two
One for heart
Another for family
One dissolved, another resolved

One dream happens once
Once in life, once for all
Fortunately it happend to me
Unfortunately was broken
Lost one, have one

I had a dream
To defend her at heart
Be in her arms
Set her in my eyes
Spend an age for her

I had a dream
To live with her
Make a family of her
It was a whole half
Remained only with half

Dreamt her to become
My piece, My sprit
This was a heart dream
This was a lost dream
Dream of every second in a minute.

I have a dream
Get a good name
A standard fame
Rank in the starta
Obidient son extra

I have a dream
Making my brothers proud
Being high in crowd
Hearing my talks in class
Name in mass of every class

I have a dream
Be loyal to my mom
Glad to be a son of her
Pleasure to be a son of my dad
Satisfied as a son of them

I have a dream
Be with my family
Respect my family
Tradition what has changed in others
Let not change for me forever

I have a dream
See my dad happy
Feel my mom, s love
Be under my brothers care
In one home till the end

I have a dream
To become the best teacher
To become the best friend
To become the best citizen
To my students, Friends and nation

I have a dream
Regain the tradition
Decentralize the vulgarity
Bring back the chastity
Let the birth have naturality.

I have a dream
Make my lost dream alive
Set her in my growth
Experience her in my growth
Measure my beats in her

I have a dream
To still her with me
Spear my hear in her heart
To fulfill my left dream
Being in her, with her

A dream is designed
By many hopes and desires.

A dream is built.
With true emotions and Feelings.

A dream is a teacher
To a student.

Dream is a beauty
Where charm never departs.

A dream is a lover
To a true lover.

Dream is a timer
Felt when aparted.

Dream is a talent
Possesed by few.

Dream is a substance
For a every art.

Dream is a dream
When it is fulfilled.

Dream is also a dream
When it is broken.

Dream is a colour in ones life
Dream is happiness.
Which can be persuaded
Only persuaded not have.

I had two dreams
Lost one, have one.

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