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Land Of Innocence

Nightfall in my childhood,
Memories of my future send
Their scent in my mind...

My life and my feelings now?
A knife through my heart,
Sins that torn apart
The once-innocent mind...

The moon’s glance falls over the
Garden of my childhood,
There, where beauty is still untainted,
When I was as fresh as the morning dew...
I remember those feelings so well,
I keep them hidden in a safe place,
Locked inside my heart!

I believed then in the snowy-egret nymph,
I thought she came to me at night,
And carried me above the water
Through the Danube Delta,
To see the secret lagoons
Covered up by weeping willows,
To see the black swans as they dance,
As they perform a sacred ritual of nature,
To see the pelicans as they sleep.
Gazing at the black egrets,
As the wind smoothes their soft feathers,
To see those black ballerinas
As they all reveal an unknown passion:
The passion for the night!

And my dreams were beautiful then,
My voice was clear and sweet,
My mind was innocent and true,
Not touched by the perverted hand of life...

And it’s true what the nymph said to me,
Looking in my eyes, singing softly to my ear:

“From cradle to coffin,
You shall dream,
You shall wish and hope!
But remember, innocence can never be lost,
You will always have it inside,
Take your memories, put them aside,
And you shall find it
Right there; innocence stays! ”

How can I break away from what I am now,
Who will take those tears away?
Was I punished for naivety? Or for innocence?

Yet the falling into the sinner
That I am today, was so mild...
The falling always comes
With the sweetest sensations!

I crave for another night of my childhood,
I crave for a journey back
In the land of living dreams,
The land of sweet torment,
Land of Innocence!

Memories keep on swinging back,
And they hit me with all of their great power...

The nymph looked upon me, every single night.
She once took my hand and placed it on my heart:

“Here, you shall look inside,
Here are your memories - pieces of life,
Here are your dreams – pieces of immortality,
Here is your energy and frenzy -
Pieces of your untamed soul,
Here is your innocence, and always will be,
You just have to look after it.”

The ballet on water was revealing itself
To my child eyes, to my mind...
A weeping willow was my shelter,
I saw the couples of swans,
As they gently, tenderly danced a waltz,
Gracefully, slowly...

I woke up the next morning, locking the secret inside.
The awakening from that beautiful dream,
Into the nightmare of today
Came with the biggest of pains:
Realizing what I am,
Realizing it will never be the same...
My heaven I feel as if it is lost,
My dreams, I feel I will never accomplish...

The awakening!
The falling!
The curse!

I crave for another night of my childhood,
I crave for a journey back
In the land of living dreams,
The land of sweet torment,
Land of Innocence!

I was dreaming every night,
I only had sincere smiles...
Now I cannot but fake them,
My nights are filled with bad dreams,
I fear someone has stole it away from me...

Can I still dream?
Should I dare to dream?
Should I dare to touch the innocence inside?
What if it’s not there anymore?

Nymph comeback to me again,
Only one more time...

Take me there,
To see the show that never ends,
Take me there,
To hear you sing to me again,
Take me there,
To be myself one more time...

Comeback snowy-egret nymph,
Un-fill my heart of regrets,
And fill it with dreams and child’s passions,
Un-do this course of adulthood,
Teach me how to find myself,
To find my own dreams!
I do not dare to dream anymore...

Silence all those
Hell-voices from my mind! ! !

The awakening!
The falling!
The course!

Dear white, frail nymph
Bring me only Innocence,
It is all: mystery, passion,
Dream, love...
But most importantly,
Innocence is Poetry!

Snowy-egret nymph,
I shall dream about you tonight...

Dawn in my childhood,
Memories of my past send
Their poetry in my mind...

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