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God Will Provide A Way Through Faith

God will provide a way through faith,
To all those who sincerely believe,
In the almighty name of Christ Jesus,
As His children we are destined to receive.

Life is full of tests,
Given and graded every day,
Not only by what you do,
Also by what we say.

Jesus is our teacher,
The outline is very clear,
Follow His program closely,
There’s never a reason for fear.

Report cards will be given,
The final grade is on Judgment Day,
There is no need for Cliff’s notes,
Teacher has clearly shown the way.

The dog ate my homework,
I left my journal on the bus,
These kind of lame excuses,
Will definitely not work for us.

God will not tolerate,
Anything but an “A”,
This is where the question comes,
Why do you think Jesus came?

The bible is not calculus,
No need to call a tutor on your cell,
Jesus is on the main line,
He wants everyone to do well.

With You all things are possible,
I can achieve anything,
There will never be an ending,
To joy and pleasure Your love can bring.

Even though I’m currently in the valley,
You're always by my side,
Psalm 23: 4, Yea, though I'm walking through,
You match me stride by stride.

Always believe and trust in Jesus,
Seeking Him with sincere faith,
Good things abound with plenty,
Through patience you must wait.

Eternal life is abundantly so much more,
Than all material things on earth,
Jesus suffered and died on the cross,
Through His death we experienced a new birth.

Homework is an assignment,
That’s being given everyday,
Be faithful in studying the word,
Stop letting the world get in your way.

When that final grade is given,
After you’ve completed your run,
All you want to hear Jesus say is,
Congratulations on a job well done.

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