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Frank Halliwell
Jimboomba, Qld.Oz.

Around me spin the galaxies which I have helped to chart
When the first among the spacemoose, I became.
-Surrounded by these wonders now I stand with heavy heart
And ponder on the brevity of fame.

..The concrete moose that sat atop the rocket's blinding blaze
As it left earth on a pillar of white fire...
It was just a few short weeks ago that poets sang my praise,
and I felt that of my deeds they'd never tire..

It seems they've all forgotten Slack, the famous concrete moose..
..but I was once the hero of their tales..
Once famous, now a nobody, .. a virtual recluse-
Where food abounds but never snow prevails.

So beam me up, MacAntelope and set our course outbound-
To seek among the stars to find out where
The Planet of the Rhyming Versifiers may be found,
We both may become famous, way out there...

Fickleness, thy name is poet, ('specially from the Lone Star State!)
But my name will become legend, though not soon...
And moms and dads in future times will help their kids locate
The concrete moose that's living on the moon.


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