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Cup of mocha

You never liked
the taste of mocha
You said it was
coffee laced
with chocolate lies

I always loved it
when the chocolate
masked the coffee
Just enough, and
let it linger nice

A lie coated truth
But, truth nevertheless...

The warm cup of mocha
Stands and grows cold
outside in
Dreams, forgotten,
lie dormant
new, old within

I stretch over the table
as across continents
To hold your hands,
to cup some warmth into;
a coffee grown cold,
a life grown old

We always shared
the mocha
you sipping
seeking the coffee
While I taste
the chocolate,
wait with the coffee

We stare athwart
Our love’s passion,
no longer an obsession
It retains within us ties,
Coffee mingled with chocolate lies

You always said
“Serve me poison,
with a smile,
I will drink it too.
Please, don’t lace it
with chocolate as with
coffee you do.”

You never liked
the taste of mocha
Yet, you always
drink it with me
As you sip,
your eyes crinkle
and I smile too, with you...

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