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Conversation between Me and my Heart

Its hard to live sometimes,
hard to die sometimes,
hard to survive sometimes,
hard to keep it in sometimes,

dumbshit watchu waitin for,
dont live like a hollow basket,
fill in some fruits,
there is brightness on the other side,
give life second chances,

it doesnt happen every time that who you loved pulled the trigger to shoot
i know you scatter in a million pieces of glass,
and you wounded yourself in collecting them and putting it back together,
i understand that the pain was absolute!

but its mistakenly said it happens once,
next time might happen with greater intensity,
remember when the glass when wasnt broken,
was filled with the intoxication of wine from the top till its root,

its hard to fall on your own sometimes,
hard to standup sometimes,
hard to walk again sometimes,
hard to move on sometimes,

but hell yeah, i stood up with much greater determination,
tried searching everywhere since long,
all went in vain,

the feeling of failing over and over brought me pain,
hope flying away,
disappointing the dreams once again i mended,
i felt like driving in the wrong lane,
but you could have pretended,
i tried many people,
they just flushed me down the drain,
and i fall for it again and again,
this is what happens when the heart conquers,
you forget to use your brain,

its hard to rewind sometimes,
hard to staybehind sometimes,
hard to stop cryin sometimes,

I found someone really like me,
i thought this would be great,
i trust myself better than the rest i hate,
i soon fell in love with that me,
felt like together to be,
she showed me new things like i showed to people,
took me outta my mind, over the seas

My heart of glass,
felt good as new,
thought of you....
...with together to be with,
told you what i felt like...
how stupid of me,
i just forgot what i used to be....

its hard to understand what im about to say sometimes,
it would be hard for you to think about it and not cry over it sometimes,

I Love You is the only sentence
and not a question which demands an answer,

you have no idea how it feels like how the heart gets slaughtered,
how much it hurts when you say the 3 stupid words and dont hear it back,
im no more a lancer,

oops, i missed!
that was a bouncer,
its nobodies fault and no ones to blame!
Love it self is a silly stupid game......

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