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Christian Poetry II

Christian Poetry is a very funny thing,
You never know what is going to be liked,
Should I leave it like this or make a change?
That’s wrong, on second thought it does sound right,

Religion is an especially touchy subject,
With so many different spiritual & academic views,
Over a hundred worship sites in Cleveland alone,
Then there are God’s chosen people, AKA the Jews.

Jesus was, no not really, had a child, and say’s who?
Mary Magdalene is not whom He was married to,
Made millions of bucks from the movie and book,
Do I really need to take a second look?

Of course I don’t because that’s not my faith,
I refuse to stand in line and wait,
To see a flick I know to be totally untrue,
If you want to believe that stuff it's up to you.

Just remember that on Judgment Day,
It’s either two thumbs up or down,
The second coming of Christ will only be one way,
This time Jesus won’t be here to play around.

I hope for your sake God is still in the mood to forgive,
A burning lake of fire is not where you want to live,
The first reading of the bible makes sense to no one friend,
That’s why you have to read it again, again and again.

Who goes from kindergarten to grade 12 in a year?
Same with 4 years of college, graduate school then a PhD?
That does not sound like anyone I know,
And for sure it definitely is not me.

It’s a gift to be able in rhyme to write,
Causing Christians the world over to unite,
This is the only known sure bet,
It would never be possible without the Internet.

Like it or not there will soon be an ending,
That’s OK; it’s only a book that said you had to believe,
Hope you don’t have any fences that need mending,
Your reward? Just be prepared to receive.

God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit is not a panel,
You will not be able switch to another channel,
Unlike American Idol the public does not vote,
Pick up the bible instead of your remote.

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