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Lenexa Baptist Church = ' Thanksgiving Prayer & A Good Woman's Love


When the weather turns cooler and nature’s colors change
The landscape reminds us God is in control.
As family and friends gather to feast on turkey
The calories we consume take their toll.

For those of us who follow Christ as our Savior
Giving thanks should be our daily prayer.
Each morning as we rise to face the new day
And at bedtime to express the love we share.

We should thank God for Christ’s death and resurrection
For the beauty and wonderment of His love.
For our own delivery from the powers of sin
To God’s glorious blessings of purpose from above.

Always remember by prayer we’re never truly alone
God is aware of all we must overcome, fear and endure.
When we live to serve Him and follow His word
Our passage to Heaven becomes definite, justified and secure.


A good woman’s love and sympathetic heart
Are still the most valuable blessings of life.
She becomes our friend, lover, mother and partner
When we treasure, provide and love her as our wife.

Women never forget all we do and say
They recall visions of us both present and past.
We must eagerly communicate the depth of our love
If we wish our relationship to flourish and last.

A good woman’s love can withstand a lifetime
When we pledge our support and thoughts to serve her.
We must conduct ourselves with patience and prayer
For our happiness to stay mutual, everlasting and sure.

All Heavens heroes had their need for love
And were greatly affected by its presence or loss.
A good woman’s love is best of the rest
When nourished with servitude regardless of cost.

By God’s Poet Tom Zart
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