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The Mighty Eye in a Brief Eclipse of Time

Umpteen billion years
Big Bang, supernova, gas
Brief eclipse of time

Gases swirling, fall
Sun and planets, water, life
Brief eclipse of time

Another billion
goo, amoeba, fishes swim
Brief eclipse of time

Movement, changes, flux
slither, crawl, climb, walk and talk
Brief eclipse of time

Ra, Sol, Helios,
Mithra and the Mighty Eye
Brief eclipse of time

Life begins and ends
birth, joy, laugh, cry, death, and dust
Brief eclipse of time

Waves cleave sea, shore, sky
enfolding, watching, listening
Brief eclipse of time

The Mighty Eye - unfocused, stained, diffuse -
began to slip and slowly sink,
while frizzled waves imbibed her searing tears,
with salted languid lips

The Mighty Eye was weary, thin,
peering through the frozen cracks,
as some straying clouds,
floated feebly by
and waxed their billowed tracks
upon the heated sky,
and cooled the rush of rolling waves
beneath the blotted sky

The waves, they hung in time and space before me,
- gently tumbling aging pebbles
and lifeless shells across the shifting sands -
seemed unaware
as they once again began
to veil the Mighty Eye,
to close the Mighty Eye,

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