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Esther and Seymour

Some 50 years ago they met Alone and scared, their eyes still wet Viictims of a life so tossed survivors of the Holocaust. As a fairy says... Once a upon a time Esther and Seymour married in Heidenhein. Germany was just a temporary arena For their first lovely child they named Helena. They finally had happiness some people would say. Asvthey boarded a ship for the U. S. of A. America gave them a new start on their life Seymour now had a child, a new home and a new life! From Boston they journeyed to a place called New York Their second addition was delivered by stork. From life they were getting a real high...quite woozie They now had 2 girls, called the second one Susie! As Seymour to sing... He'll sing you a note. But his real talent was to sew you a coat. And if you were bored with your life's and it's glory Just ask Seymour to tell you a good old war story! He'll whistle like birds and He'll sing like the flowers. But his word stories will keep you enraptured for hours. As for dear Esther she'll cook you dish. Her real specially is a Gefilte fish! , , If her feet are not hurting she'll go for some walks And some people might say that she sings when she talks. In the summer they needed to have some real thrills So they trekked to the heaven called the Catskills. The packed up their car and off they would go And they set up their camp in their own bungalow.! Their happiness increased like the miracle of Hannukah As their first grandchild their fabulous Moncia. Their smiles grew quite bigger and happiness thrived. As their second beautiful grandchild Joannna arrived! When Seymour retired they moved to hot Boca As ' Esther won fame as a card shark in poker. To stayed married for 50 is a feat really swell But once in a while you might hear them yell! Seymour is always a man on the go Sometimes he! ll tell Esther 'What the hell do you know? ' Butb seriouslybfolksbthese 2 are not meek Two wonderful people..? Both somewhat unique so lift up your glasses and show these our love We wish them a hearty, healthy, a sincere Mazel Tov! ! ! This poem written by Howard Hopenwasser

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