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Waiting for That Final Song of heart!

Waiting for the Final,
The grand finale of my life,
Waiting for that final deliverance,
the Final song to flow,
melting all frozen thoughts,
In the light of opening of lotus, billion petal each glow with galactical shine!

Waiting for that intuition,
Burning and evaporating everything irrelevant,
all ignorance and weakness,
Publication of self by self itself,
Sublimation of sublime essence to spread all over,
Filling the large vacuum between religions,
Blaze of light billion galaxies bright within,
Show the path of universal religion,
breaking barriers of religions,
cracking humanity by valley between
mountainous thoughts,
Let every heart know what stuff
created itself!

Let Truth shine at every door step,
Man who been able to realise
The one harnessed atomic energy,
Can't he find the all potential Love,
The binding energy of atoms,
Manifest as binding energy of hearts,
Heart is that reactor;
This powerful energy can be harnessed,
Rulers of nations rose and fell,
So many born to kill and die,
Those rulers tried to kill spirit of love!
But neither able to kill,
Nor able to take anything,
the fragrant rose of love,
smiled with every dawn!

O man, know the light of love,
God is that love who is binding all,
It is his unimaginable binding force,
which binds every heart,
Heart that know that strength, that all powerful energy,
Harnessed in the heart,
total submission is the that ultra device,
Freewill is its another face,
Just know that faces,
Life itself is that Self creator,
sustainer and destroyer of universe!

This aging leaf Know some day it has to fall,
Before that fall, want to sing a ever green song,
When joyously enjoy the fall;
New green leaves may sing,
Song reverberated beyond atmosphere,
Song that sung forever by the infinite eternal!

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