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Love To Hate

Enter my mind can you stop the rage
No one shall mourn or pity my grave
Fighting the world without remorse
Searching for blood to never grow old
A personal hell is where I reside
Taunting death sounds cadavers in pain
Judging my soul I am not his son
Screaming God's name I want some more
You love to hate me
But you won't kill me
Suicidal surge
Desensitize the world
Take what I want primordial ground
Humanity bleeds from inside my veins
Losing all grasp an evil so old
Vengeance it breeds driving you insane
Exhaust all will hanging by the neck
Anguish within let it blind the eyes
Better off dead us your epitaph
Apathy feeds the human demise
Absolute reign a malevolent mind
Conceptions so vile in this bottomless soul
Total addicting

song performed by Slayer from Diabolus In MusicaReport problemRelated quotes
Added by Lucian Velea
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