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Please Think About This

You have taken our relationship totally out of context.
My showing respect and love for you,
Does not mean I am weak and have stopped competing.
I am seeking a mate.
Not a wrestling companion.

To greet me everyday,
With a putting me into a headlock...
And then to throw me to the floor,
To then rip clothes off my back...
IS a bit aggressive.

When I said our marriage was lacking excitement,
I meant, perhaps...
We could explore doing more romantic things.
Like going out to dinner, catch a movie or two...
Or just go for a pleasant walk together.

Your decision to take wrestling lessons...
Because I am into sports,
To add pep with a re-energizing of 'your' love,
To show me I was wrong about your feelings for me...
Has an interpretation I perceive you wish to do me bodily harm.
Why wrestling?

I did marry you for better or worse...
In sickness or in health.
I'm not putting up with this much longer.
How come you can't get into baking cookies or needlepoint?
Oh wait a minute...
Forget the needlepoint.
I don't want to give you anymore ideas.

But honey...
I do love your efforts.
And please think about this.
Is it possible we could discuss what's best for our relationship,

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