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Games Of Betrayal

I just heard what you said.
And it has to be a joke?
Or you believe I am the ultimate fool.
Which is it?
And what in me are you trying to provoke?

You stated,
In amazing sincerity...
That you,
Are one of my closest friends.
And you want to shelter me from harm.
With a coming to my defense without question.

Your comments are very convincing,
If I had not been targeted,
With a remembered backstabbing done...
A few years ago,
And a few years prior to that...
Your comments would have me sobbing,
In grateful tears.

I do not carry bitterness on my sleeve.
And lucky for you I am not revengeful.
What you have done I will never forget.
But don't ever take my kindness for weakness,
If you want to keep your consciousness.

I do not play,
Games of betrayal...
At all.
Nor find it 'cute' or funny...
That anyone would perceive me,
As disconnected from my sensibilities!
Would be a heartbreaking mistake to make.

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