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5 Little Cherubs in a Sideshow Menagerie

Five little Cherubs in a sideshow menagerie
All prime in Gingham dresses with pock dots in colored blouses
Fetching public reminiscences with fondness in their cages
Don't they look quaint locked in frowns to passing strangers?

Five little cherubs in a sideshow Menagerie
Boxed up in a manor cordoned off with one way mirrors
So when they play each day their taught to see outsiders
As collecting acts of tribute for spectator pedophiles

Five little cherubs in a sideshow Menagerie
You can purchase happiness worth a $1.25
A quarter in each Matryoshka without a slice of humble pie
Softly bleed the little roses with their patent leather smiles

Five little cherubs in a Sideshow Menagerie
Coming from North Bay in the house of cards off black Tuesday
They were prized butterflies and neonatal marked commodities
They never had parents but they had industrialist doctors

Five Little Cherubs in a Sideshow menagerie
Bigger than Niagara and the might of a thousand islands
Meeting Clark Gable and young Elizabeth from old England
So why are they sad when their exploited by millions?

Sweet darling lambs
Merchandised for our eyes
To exhibit our joys
In holocaust values
Put Annette in green
and Emilie for pink
Color code for reference
From the pamphlets at the booth
Don't you think they look cute?
These little girls inside the zoo
But I think Marie is tired
Because she's forgotten in her room
Scared that is always blue

Five little cherubs in a sideshows menagerie

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