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Delayed Justice Story poem

I fear no foe that I can see
but rather those who strike by night
They cloak their acts in secrecy
because they cannot stand the light.

I made a powerful enemy
when I was young and in my prime.
Who swore to take revenge on me.
I know somewhere he bides his time.

My friends think I am paranoid
obsessed with high security.
Though it is better to avoid
Any and all possibility.

Of course I cannot validate
my fear of a conspiracy.
It doesn’t matter it’s too late.
I fear my foe has poisoned me.

His plans were made with subtlety.
He has corrupted some close friend
Some one I trusted utterly.
I should have known you can’t defend.

Against all possibilities.
I tried my best but I have failed.
Too many opportunities.
It seems my enemy has prevailed.

News of my death will prompt release
of documentary evidence.
To the world press and the police.
Negate his claims of innocence.

To show the world just what he was.
In the dark days of Nazi rule
Unpublished until now
because I hesitated like a fool.

I had sufficient evidence
to have his history reviewed
and to expose his false pretence.
But was not confident I could.

prove his guilt beyond all doubt.
Until I found the final clue.
Somehow he managed to find out
about what I planned to do.

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