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There is no one

The world and whole globe belongs to all
There is no restriction or stumbling wall
The world is one and we may find no barrier
All opportunities open to all for carrier

Such nice imagination is presented to us from many quarters
We are moved easily as some of the things are moving faster
Education and other avenues are made open and brought closer
Such assertion for global closeness is no more a question or poser

This moves in the direction of making world a distant possibility
The talent of any country can prove highly commendable with quality
This is exactly happening in developed countries with outside talent
The pressure is mounting on other countries to bow and relent

What does happen when this has been totally turned into commerce?
Large amount of money is extracted even before the course commence
There is enough movement of precious exchange into one’s exchequer
Now the world scenario is changed and there is no need to invade and conquer

The student community is suffering at the hands of dictatorial position
Every country is adopting different posture and allows diverse composition
The students are made to suffer and sometimes put to local populations’ wrath
Occasional clashes which mars study and resulting in ugly arsons and death

We are still guided by the primitive stage thinking
Little progress achieved by others throws us into sinking
We can’t tolerate the fast growth and rapid achievement
Wanton killings coupled with hatred halts such nice movement

Some of the students are given identity belts
The immediate danger was experienced and felt
How can such a vast and developed country can exhibit intolerance?
When whole world derives liberty thoughts from the Florence

If some one asks me to comment on idealism and liberalism
I shall refuse to surrender to the thoughts of mere idealism
It is nothing but show of strength, distrust and vandalism
There can be no other shame worth condemnation than such nationalism

I refuse to take air intake from that direction
If such atrocity is committed with retaliatory action
What can you profess to world when you are totally intolerant?
You are still suffering from the old views of tyrant

'Where do I go when there's no one to look at
where else to turn and talk when there is no aim to set
that do we take as saviors of world peace?
I wish them all success but allow us to live at ease

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