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Love does not mean

Love does not mean simply a infatuation
though it is not immoral to have its continuation
it has no price tag or can be put for any valuation
it is bound to succeed even in difficult situation

Love does not mean to remain impressed
it can be desired but not pressed
Love Pulse may send clear signals
you may feel the indication of spring's arrival

Love is clearly seen and is apparent
At any given time it can never be different
It can be felt even if you are not friend
It may endure through out life till the end

Generally free smile is expected for a while
some invitation and company is sought meanwhile
Exchange of few words and proposal for dates arrive
Constant fear in mind disappear and you definitely survive

Beautiful face is always in mind
If not then you make desperate bid to find
Some kind words are expected with full assurance
The quick clearance is desired at once

This is how the love has been viewed
Not much in depth has been studied or reviewed
Normally it is taken as sexual course
If so then it is bound to collapse later on of course

No one may try to budge from their stated stand
At one stage they may try to get rid off and stay on as friend
The reality may push them away and take very far
There will be pen sky for them without stars

No feeling to vent but who has time to hear?
Anguish and pain silently to keep in chest and bear
No reason is seen in shedding the tears
It may pass on resulting in the days, weeks and years

The cruel blow will have to be sustained
The sturdy silence may also have to be maintained
The deep scar created by it may not go away easily
The rest of the life may not be spent that easily

We tend to forget the sanctity of bond
we may be sincere and very fond
It is not enough to prove and last long
some other factors may try to prove us wrong

The lucky persons may be those who really succeed
It may make them happy with their utmost need
The lady luck might have smiled on both
The happiness was bound to come hence forth

As the time pass on and season changes
Nature may come up automatically with new age
The branches may be boomed with colored flowers
As the rain God may slowly bless and downpour

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