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For the first time

I wept for the first time in open
No one could see my wounds reopened
They had started to get little healing touch
Big tragedy in life to have occurred as such

It traveled towards sky and came back without echo
There were no takers for my grief as she had left ago
So much vastness and big horizons but of no avail
My throat soared and voice tried hard but failed

Under same open sky we had spent hours in dark nights
Only stars twinkled to witness as if to consider it right
No foot steps heard in silence and nothing could be sighted
Joy was over coming as we were overwhelmed and delighted

Birds are peacefully housed in nest with occasional sound
Not even hunters are in search of pry and seen around
We two are under the big tree shed as leafy crown
Too much involved in silence as if purchased with leisure to own

She won’t let me know what trouble is brewing her inside
She will stare at blue sky and keep eyes open and wide
As if to suggest me what I will do in her absence!
There dropped some star tail and again silence

I failed to catch her message
She was to leave early from this cage
She got wind of her demise
She held my hand to repeat the promise

I shall remain with you forever
Either of us may have to last long however
This is life cycle and we must adhere to
Love is precious thing and very true

I remembered her with each word
She was very much careful afterward
Neither did she utter not made lips to sink
She was making bid not to allow me to think

I pressed her hand to feel warmth
She was sinking fast with the closing teeth
Someone was calling her from the distance
She opened her eyes and looked at me once

I saw one last long flash of light
She made desperate attempt to fight
I reassured her not to worry too much
She heaved a sigh with my gentle touch

I dropped her at door step and waited
Her arrival at home was nearly stated
No one bothered about her late arrival
I took deep breathe for small interval

In morning she did not open her window
I made forceful entry to enter and know
What was actually taking place inside?
She was there motionless with eyes open wide

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