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Different tratment

She banged the phone and blasted
I feared more blasts and waited
She was damn angry and out of control
I even forgot to address her and call

I gained little strength and again called
Her previous encounter was stone walled
I was not in rage but in shame
I did not know now what she will blame

“What you think you can talk on phone”
I was taken a back when she had blasted and gone
I became really nervous and tried to console
She was in damn bad mood and on other pole

I thought of bad day ahead and tried to pacify
No amount of persuasion may calm her or satisfy
“Don’t you know how to address woman on women’s day’?
She was trying to be little aggressive and has sway

I thought she wanted little different treatment
She did not want same feeling with the sweet comments
She thought of forcing her views in hostile mood
I thought I may have to miss my precious food

Whole world is complementing us for our role
You are not able to make even small sweet call
What are you going to do for me and my cause?
Now I came to know what were all drama and all because

I laughed it out but after long stress
She had all happiness on face
Even though it was unusual for her to act
She was in hostile mood to impress upon and react

I said congrats on their women’s day
But requested her to find for me a comfortable way
So I can remain in peace with her in this lovely world
But asked her to calm down and return to my warm fold

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