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A deliberate deception

It may be sure shot deception
when executed with solid conception
thoughts are integrated and pressed into action
you may have no time to offer any reaction

The river water is deep but not shallow
it will be calm but certainly not allow
to asses its depth and hidden danger
you may look upon it as complete stranger

So is the human being and individual as well
they will hide everything and do not reveal
they may take full care for everything to conceal
close friend even may not know the cause real

Someone cautioned me to be remain vigilant
we know her from the time when she was infant
you may not know her real motive and intention
it is not worth here anything to mention

I had no reason to disbelieve their advice
as I was totally blinded by hollow promises
I had no inkling about deception and trait
still I decided to follow with caution and wait

She may indulge in jokes and often say
'I am double edged weapon' and may block the way
If you try to cheat and commit any blunder
Still I thought it was mere talk and expected no thunder

She was calm and quite but hot headed
remained adamant and never heeded
it was her style of responding in arrogant way
I still preferred close relation and did not stay away

She used to pull me down in unceremonious style
I used to tolerate it for a while
It was not rehearsed to give it final bye
Thought I drove cautiously and made desperate try

Any one may find the alliance as holy
It has to be respected and observed wholly
we can never afford to commit folly
it will be termed as unwarranted and silly

No one cares about what others may think
they will meddle in affairs so much and deliberately sink
they wish to vitiate and make it unbearable
It is pathetic and can not be considerable

Some of the condition do not favor at all
they create distrust and impregnable wall
if no one tries to patch up then it may worsen
there will be collapse in relation all of sudden

We are not used to some of the bad memory
It ends in bitterness and lead to feel sorry
there is unforeseen tension and leads to worry
the relation must be on sound footing and not developed in hurry

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