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In the World of Good and Evil

In the world of good and evil
One often categorizes them as one or the other
Simply put, it is not always the case:

I may kill someone for hurting you
I may hate someone for crying

I may love someone regardless
Of it being deserved or not

One may love and hate another equally
Is this good, or is this bad?

Something we often forget to remember
Is which category we would place ourselves in

If you are good, what qualifications have you?
If you are bad, is it by choice or force?

Is it the world you live in to make you one way or the other?
Or perhaps the people you are often around?

Don't call someone evil without first understanding
What and why

Don't assume all is good
Without proof that there lies no harm

The difficult truth is that
One cannot be either good or evil
It is a mix, with one outweighing the other
In certain aspects

Perhaps my thoughts are evil
And my actions good

Or my actions evil
But my mind repentant

One would believe that we had figured this out long ago
But no, this is not the case

For we try to classify as one or the other
To categorize, in order to ignore flaws and differences
Between stereotypes and truths
So which are you?

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