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Good Night, My Love, Sweet Dreams

Just a kid lookin' up to sky
with hopeful dreams.
Wishes, I have but one;
with will applied patience,
it will someday come.

Oh, to only be intimate
with the full bodied moon;
transcendent phosphorous-flesh,
naked dancing amongst many
turned on hot flirting stars.

Staring out,
never feeling more down to Earth.
Antique celestial roses;
fragile hearts, resilient souls;
angels praying in liquid moonlight.
Lovers retreating from cares of dust porous day,
silent hour populated with ears eyeballs poetry.
Everything encapsulated within an expansive bubble of nothingness,
all sound emitting from shared source of silence.

Gears slowing their grind, calm settles in for the night,
all is still, passive charm of mirror moon and stars;
astral electricity cast upon conductive earth,

true meaning of life reveals full naked splendor
the moment time stops, soul mates finding heart
comfort erogenous zones etched deep in one another,
entering destiny love a lovers mystic realm;
dancing whistlers whirling in naked wail of a comets tail,
orb weavers spinning death's silken dreams beneath Gothic
architecture of skyfall mass clouds.
feminine earth casts such lovely, haunting
shadows, as Ishtar dances, illuminated in glassy dampness,
Mystic otherworldly pheromones flowing,
super fluid glowing light new moon ballet,
riveting breeze trance inducing rhythm of candle.

slow close of an eyelash,
good night, my love,
sweet dreams.

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