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And That's What It's Like With You, My Love

Whenever you touch me sweet, my love
i feel the rapid beat of my pulse
like a thousand drums pounding,
fast and hard through my marrrow -
such hard, percussed sonority.
And, whenever we move to the dance of love,
we're like two celestial violins
with bows freshly rosined -
rubbing, pulling with bare moist heat,
complimenting each other with favour,
to the arousing rhythm and pleasure
of loves' perfect movement.

And when we perform together,
in dual concert, dominating exchange -
solos encounter like soliloquies
of sensual deliverance.
And the Rush of this titillation
is like the bursting of climax,
exuberant release...euphoria, and -
flushed and wet,
you strike a match;
i quit years ago,
but the spiraling trail of smoke, white
rising over brass and satin
reminds me of the encores yet to come...
ne plus ultra!

And that's what it's like with you, my love,
that's how it feels when you touch me sweet.

_____________ F j R _____________

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