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The Waltz

The young couple glided out onto the floor,
He was looking so elegant, and she even more,
Her wide flowing dress of a beautiful green,
Was swaying and swirling, a sight to be seen.

They waltzed to perfection, around and around,
Like soft curls of smoke that move over the ground,
The music was rousing, and as if in a dream,
Moving in unison, they danced so supreme.

He traversed the floor with incredible speed,
Never causing a mishap, yet giving no heed,
To other couples there, who were doing their best,
In this very important, ballroom dancing test.

Their faces were radiant their smiles said it all,
They were really enjoying it, and having a ball,
The audience were enraptured and were hoping that they,
Would be the one couple to win first prize today.

By Strauss they were captured, and sent on their way,
Commanding the dancers to dip and to sway,
The music so powerful, so compelling, so rich,
This waltzing was really reaching a 'pitch'.

At last the band finished, and everyone flopped,
For the judges were calling, and everything stopped,
The competitors were now asked to go for a break,
Whilst they, with deliberation, a decision could make.

The nerves were now beginning to come to the fore,
The knees they were shaking waiting for the score,
The shoes they were pinching, the feet they were hot,
And now they were wondering what 'score' they had got.

The dancers were now filing back through the door,
The decision had been made, and they crowded the floor,
The band started up, and a fanfare was played,
Now who, they were wondering, had come up to the grade.

The compere now asked for the audience's forbearance,
Whilst he read our the winners without interference,
First the third, then the second winners came up,
The third won a certificate, the second a cup.

Then with a great roar, the first place was announced,
And the elegant gent with his lady just bounced
With joy as the medals were graciously bestowed,
The gent and the lady, they positively glowed.

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