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Live, By God, Live!

perhaps i've said what i wanted to say poorly...
the crux of the matter is this:
we are where we are because
we've put ourselves here,
we've allowed this to happen to us!
we blame the government,
we blame people who are 'different',
we blame the economy,
we blame god,
we blame each other.
bottom line, we are to blame.
we cannot evolve as human beings
without evolving as a society.
we cannot evolve as people,
without evolving as a nation.
we cannot evolve as citizens,
without evolving as citizens of the world.
we've stood by, and done nothing.
we have run from the truth,
we have betrayed ourselves!
we've existed in tiny cells,
denying our responsibilities.
this has to stop!
we are out of time.
we are surrounded by suffering,
and our indifference is the cause.
stand up! shout! demand dignity!
and Live, by god, Live!

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