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The Eye Of The Storm

The eye of the storm is quiet and still.
Don't be afraid of that.
The rage that encircles the stillness within
is unrestricted combat
that is being fought by mindless zombies
marching off to war,
that can never be won by an animated corpse
dying again and what for?

To protect the homeland is what they're told,
a story that they believe.
And so their heads are shaved and they're taught to kill
for the young are so naive.
They believe their leaders and never question
the words, 'Thou shalt not kill.'
And so our youth are once again
caught marching downhill.

Where are the preachers that taught these young men
the commandments, words of God.
Why are there no protests from churches and temples?
Don't you think that odd?
Is it because they are in the eye of the storm
and cannot see the fringes?
Oh speak up holy ones and condemn these wars.
Follow God's challenges.

All of these wars are the storm that's raging
all over this earth.
But the ones who should be preaching outrage
are in the eye of the storm's birth.

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