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I Pod Therapy (thank God for my I Pod)

I Pod Therapy (thank God for my I Pod)

Sweaty pillow, overfull bladder
Three A.M., wide awake,
what’s the matter?

Get up, stumble there, Fumble back to bed
Concerns climb right in with me.
Worries fill my head.

Sleep has stolen away and left a deafening stillness
An insidious, common, debilitating
yet non-existent illness.

In the past I suffered, tossed and turned.
Suffered supremely, that is,
Until I learned

Now I languidly listen, as fine literature to me is read
And Morpheus slowly slips in beside me
In my now Quiescent bed

Cool jazz softly soothes me, back to the land of nod
Worries and loneliness dissolve so easily
By the medicinal quality of my I Pod

If you suffer as did I, and sleeplessness lurks
Give I Pod therapy a try and
You’ll find it truly works

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