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Predictors of Doom

It is so nice to know what will be, this, before we step into eternity,
With many hearts filled with fear, about a future that’s not so clear.
And while we remain down here, in Christ we live without any fear,
Knowing He’s in complete control, of all things, both big and small.

As prognosticators play on fear, we know The Lord is always near,
As they predict the earth’s demise, The Lord rules above the skies.
With their scenarios of darker days, it begs a question to be raised,
If soon we’ll be at the end of life, why don’t they point men to Christ?

The changes that these men see, won’t hinder The God of Eternity,
The Creator and Sustainer friend, made an earth that will never end.
Our God shall make all things new, without any help from me or you.
Making a new Heaven and earth, replacing doom with a joyful mirth.

Could they just be smaller signs, pointing all men to the end times?
When all will see bigger things, as every eye sees the King of kings.
They said it was Christians whom, preached all the end time doom,
But that is God’s Truth before, believers see His Glory forevermore.

They speak of what they must do, to save the earth for me and you,
Men of money they endear, to stage off changes in the atmosphere.
If it’s left alone, these men decry, every life upon this earth shall die.
But unless they accept The Lord, they shall see gloom forevermore.

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