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Ten days have passed,
But still bleeding and bleeding…..
Parents crying have no ideas; they says, “Cursed.”
I am laughing….but,
It’s not a joy.
I am laughing at my mistake.
Everyone’s heart has been exasperated.
A prayer, a prayer, a prayer……
I call my lord, please save me.
It has been caused
because something has been lost.
But, this pain is more awful than that loss.
It was enforcing me to be drowned into a false.
A false!
I have got everything and it’s reflecting before my eyes.
The most impressive I see now is the parental love.
Now, I have come to know, the paramount motive should be (in my life) to repay this love.
It can reduce the toxin from my body.
It can be haematic to stop my face becoming bloody.
Oh! God, please save me…..
I will never do the same happing with me (as this is the cause of bleeding)
I will devote myself to the service of good ceremony
and I don’t want to hear again such painful melody.
It’s cursed……..
Now, I've understood the harmfulness addiction of drug.

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