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Emiliano Zapata

Land and Freedom!

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Will there dawn wisdom and help us live in peace and freedom

You will bear with me for not being
Able to tell things coherently
As I am too immature to narrate things
But I chose to tell
Because of the plight I am presently in

All started, may be, two months back
We were living in a decent home
Not definitely, a luxurious one
True, we were in some comfort
We were asked to move out as
The army was assigned the job of chasing away, those,
Who they call “tigers”
Once tigers are out, we can be back home
Was what I was given to understand
We moved to a camp, dad and mom carrying heavy loads
Of our belongings
We were asked to shift to another, another, another camps
Each time we shifted, the belongings shrinking in size
Dad would go out in the morning
Only to collect ration for next day’s eating
And mom would move around to gather
Vegetable litters for cooking
This went on for a week
I could see the helplessness of parents,
Who were dreaming of getting me
The best food, dress, education and a number of other things
One evening dad did come back
Only to tell that he may be absconding
As the police expressed doubts
Of his being an informer to
The outlawed group

Next day morning dad was not to be seen
Mom is quiet
And she was repeatedly telling me to be quiet as well
Some people came to our camp
And they were enquiring about
Dad’s whereabouts
Finally they took away my mom too

It is now seven eight days
Since I saw mom last
No news about her too
I could not comprehend
As to what would have happened to her
People in our camp
Look at me differently
I do not know how to take it
Are they kind to me
Or are they sympathizing with me
Or are they pitying me
Or are they afraid of me
Even kids who used to smile at me
Keep away
All stopped enquiring me about my welfare

One thing is becoming clear to me
The people in power
Want to erase our entire race
Cleansing our mother land
Of her own sons and daughters

The phase ethnic eradication
Is beyond my understanding
But is it not that
The process will eradicate the
Entire human race
The earth belongs to all
In an equal measure
Whether rich or poor
Whether speak a language or the other
Whether follow a particular faith or the other
Whether white or black in colour

This is so simple to understand
How come the matured and learned
Fail to think in this line

I am still here in this distorted land
With no future visible nor the present in hand
Will there dawn wisdom
And help us live in peace and freedom

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The Old Land And The Young Land

The Young Land said, ``I have borne it long,
But can suffer it now no more;
I must end this endless inhuman wrong
Within hail of my own free shore.
So fling out the war-flag's folds, and let the righteous cannons roar!''

'Twas a quick, rash word, for the strong Young Land
Is a Land whose ways are peace;
It weareth no mail, and its keels are manned
With cotton, and corn, and fleece,
While lands there are that live cased in steel, and whose war-hammers never cease.

And these, when they saw the Young Land gird
Its loins to redress the wrong,
Whispered one to the other, ``Its heart is stirred,
But its hosts are an undrilled throng,
And its bolts yet to forge, so quick let us strike before that it grows too strong.''

And they said to the Old Land, ``Surely you
Will help us to foil its claim?
It waxeth in strength, as striplings do,
And it girds at its parent's name.
Take heed lest its overweening growth overshadow your fading fame.''

Then the Old Land said, ``Youth is strong and quick,
And Wisdom is strong but mild;
And blood than water is yet more thick,
And this Young Land is my child.
I am proud, not jealous, to watch it grow.''
Thus the Old Land spake and smiled.

``And look you,'' it said, ``at the strong Young Land
Strike for Freedom and Freedom's growth;
Which makes 'twixt us twain, though unsigned by hand,
A bond strong as lovers' troth.
So 'ware what you do, for, if you strike, you will strike not one, but both.''

Then they fretted and chafed; for, though shod in steel,
Their war-tread stops at the shore,
While the Old Land's breath is the breath of the gale,
And its music the wave-wind's roar.
Then they hated the Young Land's youth and strength, but they hated the Old Land more.

Now the Old Land, in turn, for Freedom's Cause
Speeds her sons to the Southern zone,
They snarl, ``Let us clip the Lion's claws,
The Lion that stands alone;
And harry her lair, and spear her cubs, and sit on the Lion's throne.''

And the Young Land laughs: ``With her foamsteeds fleet,
I guess she's a match for you all.
She hath saddled the sea, and more firm her seat
Than yours, that would ride for a fall,
If you put all your fighting force afield, and charged at her watery wall.

``But if ever, hemmed in by a world of foes,
Her sinews were sorely tried,
By the self-same blood in our veins that flows,
You would find me at her side,
So long as she strikes for the Cause for which her sons and my sons have died.''

And thus let it be until wrong shall end,
This bond strong as lovers' troth,
'Twixt Old Land and Young Land, to defend
Man's freedom and freedom's growth,
So if any should band against either now, they must meet, not one, but both!

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“From, that fair land and drear land in the South”

From, that fair land and drear land in the South,
Of which through years I do not cease to think,
I brought a tale, learned not by word of mouth,
But formed by finding here one golden link
And there another; and with hands unskilled
For such fine work, but patient of all pain
For love of it, I sought therefrom to build
What might have been at first the goodly chain.

It is not golden now: my craft knows more
Of working baser metal than of fine;
But to those fate-wrought rings of precious ore
I add these rugged iron links of mine.

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Love And Freedom!

Loveless life is like bird without wings;
Nation without freedom is big prison!
Love and freedom go together always;
Without love and freedom life is useless!

Love and knowledge are two eyes for all!
But without love and freedom no chance
There is for one to accomplish any wish
As interest and desire never leave one ever!

Love and knowledge only make one perfect
To enjoy real freedom in joy and peace ever!
Beauty is truth only when love is true there,
Where real freedom prevails as heart's desire!

Love, beauty and truth make one perfect
To enjoy real freedom in life of joy and peace!

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Land and Sea

Land and Sea

As though by some eternal decree,
Land and sea are destined to disagree
Over where the shoreline should be.

At tide time the Sea rises in anger,
Roars with a sound like thunder,
Summons all the power it can muster.

The Sea advances in waves,
Pushes the shoreline in steps,
Overwhelms Land's defences.

The Land retreats stage by stage,
As the Sea extends its range,
All the while dissipating its rage.

In time, the Sea is pacified and content,
Calls upon its waves to beat a retreat,
To rest and get ready for the next fight.

The land watches with delight
As the shoreline follows the retreat,
And reclaims the land that was lost.

Both contenders must for a time rest,
For there will soon be another contest,
One which is continuously won and lost.

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Fast Cars And Freedom

Starin' at you takin' off your makeup
Wondering why you even put it on
I know you think you do but baby you don't need it
Wish that you could see what I see it when it's gone
I see a dust trail following an old red Nova
Baby blue eyes, your head on my shoulder
Wait, baby don't moved, right here it is
T-shirt hanging off Dogwood Bridge
That river was cold but we gave love a chance
Yeah, yeah for me
You don't look a day over Fast Cars and Freedom
That sunset river back first time feeling
Yeah, smile and shake your head as if you don't believe me
I'll just sit right here and let you take me back
I'm on that gravel road, look at me
On my way to pick you up you're standing on the front porch
Looking just like that remember that
I see a dust trail following an old red Nova
Baby blue eyes, your head on my shoulder

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You and I, not land and sky..

You and I not land and sky,
But land and water to dream and fly,
You and I not land and sky,
Get separated for ever with strict policies,
By different forceful persona that rule and exist,
Never get united in any thousands of eclipse.

When Agitation decreases the surface tension,
The anger of energy possessed by each molecule,
Just try to escape from the nagging soul, you,
Elevated high to the sky and have the eye wash,
Bored of wandering aimless journey,
Return to you as rain to sleep on your lap.

You and I, the patient land and the running water,
You are the only one, who can hold me tight and near,
Wherever I run, float, get polluted and return,
Your pure love can remove all my ignorant dirt,
Proud to hold me in two third of you,
What I have done to you, except run away from you,
Making you dry, cracked, left to suffer in drought.

You are so proud of me for making you to be fertile,
Run through everywhere to quench your thirst,
Bouquet of flowers to keep on your hat and crown,
Minuscule dropp of honey collected in the huge jar,
Smell of baker's street out of hard cultivated grains,
You are full of love, just for me to admire you.

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My Land and I

They have eaten their fill at your tables spread,
Like friends since the land was won;
And they rise with a cry of "Australia's dead!"
With the wheeze of "Australia's done!"
Oh, the theme is stale, but they tell the tale
(How the weak old tale will keep!)
Like the crows that croak on a splintered rail,
That have gorged on a rotten sheep.

I would sing a song in your darkest hour
In your darkest hour and mine –
For I see the dawn of your wealth and power,
And I see your bright star shine.
The little men yelp and the little men lie,
And they spread the lies afar;
But we heed them never, my Land and I,
For we know how small they are.

They know you not in a paltry town –
In the streets where great hopes die –
Oh, heart that never a flood could drown,
And never a drought could dry!
Stand forth from the rim where the red sun dips,
Strong son of the land's own son –
With the grin of grit on your drought-chapped lips
And say, is your country done?

Stand forth from the land where the sunset dies,
By the desolate lonely shed,
With the smile of faith in your blighted eyes,
And say, is your country dead?
They see no future, they know no past –
The parasite cur and clown,
Who talk of ruin and death to last
When a man or a land is down.

God sends for answer the rain, the rain,
And away on the western lease,
The limitless plain grows green again,
And the fattening stock increase.
We'll lock your rivers, my land, my land,
Dig lakes on the furthest run –
While down in the corners where houses stand,
They drivel, "Australia's done!"

The parasites dine at your tables spread
(As my enemies did at mine),
And they croak and gurgle, "Australia's dead"
While they guzzle Australian wine.
But we heed them never, my land, my land,
For we know how small they are,
And we see the signs of a future grand,
As we gaze on a rising star.

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Hymn of The Dunkers



Wake, sisters, wake! the day-star shines;
Above Ephrata's eastern pines
The dawn is breaking, cool and calm.
Wake, sisters, wake to prayer and psalm!

Praised be the Lord for shade and light,
For toil by day, for rest by night!
Praised be His name who deigns to bless
Our Kedar of the wilderness!

Our refuge when the spoiler's hand
Was heavy on our native land;
And freedom, to her children due,
The wolf and vulture only knew.

We praised Him when to prison led,
We owned Him when the stake blazed red;
We knew, whatever might befall,
His love and power were over all.

He heard our prayers; with outstretched arm
He led us forth from cruel harm;
Still, wheresoe'er our steps were bent,
His cloud and fire before us went!

The watch of faith and prayer He set,
We kept it then, we keep it yet.
At midnight, crow of cock, or noon,
He cometh sure, He cometh soon.

He comes to chasten, not destroy,
To purge the earth from sin's alloy.
At last, at last shall all confess
His mercy as His righteousness.

The dead shall live, the sick be whole,
The scarlet sin be white as wool;
No discord mar below, above,
The music of eternal love!

Sound, welcome trump, the last alarm!
Lord God of hosts, make bare thine arm,
Fulfil this day our long desire,
Make sweet and clean the world with fire!

Sweep, flaming besom, sweep from sight
The lies of time; be swift to smite,
Sharp sword of God, all idols down,
Genevan creed and Roman crown.

Quake, earth, through all thy zones, till all
The fanes of pride and priesteraft fall;
And lift thou up in place of them
Thy gates of pearl, Jerusalem!

Lo! rising from baptismal flame,
Transfigured, glorious, yet the same,
Within the heavenly city's bound
Our Kloster Kedar shall be found.

He cometh soon! at dawn or noon
Or set of sun, He cometh soon.
Our prayers shall meet Him on His way;
Wake, sisters, wake! arise and pray!

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Convenient democracy

We vote for convenient democracy
Prefer to live in condition with low frequency
No rule to prevail and no more rights to avail
Anarchy rule to stay and any good governance must fail

Is it really untrue democratic republic?
Where mob burn property meant for public?
Where thousand die for adulterated drink?
Over loaded boats swim but at midway sink

Scammers rule, flout rules and amass wealth
Masses suffer with malnutrition and endanger health
Onion, vegetables and medicines disappear
Loaded with all duties again reappear

I shall still praise the best managers
Who sit on top and add more scavengers
Let public suffer, loot property in anger
Let food grain rot but millions die in hunger

Markets and commodities stand manipulated
Impact not understood and totally diluted
Common men suffer for the want of daily bread
His concern is unheard and no attempt is made to read

Buffer stock is raised only to rot
Essential things are lost even without bring brought
Prizes soar as scarcity is created artificially
No one regrets it heartily or miss it really

We solemnly swear to be true democratic
Commit ever more to be unrealistic and erratic
No love for rule of land and freedom for laundering
The concept is loudly appreciated and everyone is wondering

The casters vote is for open sale
It is sordid affair and different tale
We send only cheaters and corrupt
Only to look at our apathy and act inept

The true representatives may pound on our flash
Some new schemes for grab and to be offered fresh
Ready made explanations to convince public with oratory
Rest all function only as rituals and simply to look obligatory

National flag may fly and go high up in sky
Lot many questions may remain unanswered, why?
Lot many promises may be made just to fool for another year
We are used to forget such promises as if not heard by ears

We have made no earnest attempt for it to understand
The true democracy is only option for us as new brand
The authoritarian rule has been witnessed by all
To invite it here will prove to be a fatal call

Let them not prove we are mother of all ills
We have sent them in parliament for all wanton kills
They are representatives and acting as per our aspirations
There life is like open book devoid of any revelations

Nation may suffer as well as we as people
Who will decide about the act to be simple or culpable?
Will this go on unabated or halted somewhere?
If allowed unchecked then we have place to go no where

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Land and Face

that boy's face
wind, water
and heat
have touched
his inner

that piece of land
wind, water
and heat
too have touched
its constituents

as i look at the
boy's face
a similar terrain
and health
as that piece of land
strikes my heart

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Salt And Water

The land of freedom,
The land of freat memories,
The land of natural resources,
Of a sound hospitality to all mankind;
But habits are like traditions which die very hard.
You might have seen my nakedness from your rooftop,
So stop talking in circus and be very brave!
Because, an acid reacts with a base to form salt and water;
And this love is always seen in your eyes.

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I want to fly like a bird in the sky
Going left and right, up and down
Nobody to stop nobody to shout
See the earth from the sky
Rivers and seas under my wings
Land and Forest in my view
Nearer to moon nearer to sun
Stars will be my neighbors
No boundaries, no armies to stop me
I can go to the countries I like
Sit on the trees, smell the flowers
Of my choice
Freedom from cast and creed
Whole world will be mine

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Love and freedom

In the space between breath, the quiet moments
Our love just is
Not captured, by what was prior or what comes next
Not weighed down, by expectations of the future
But like life
That gives each breath meaning
By simply being there everyday

So yes let our love be like freedom
Expanding in the open spaces of our being
Let us also be aware that love like freedom
Is ruefully missed when curtailed or lost
So the freedom to love,
and the freedom of true love
Is a gift most precious, and a promise most dear

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Africa. A land...

A land full of mysteries,
A land where the Gods speaks,
A land where Nature talks in secret ancestral tongues,
A land rich in Culture and Heritage,
The soil, drenched in sweat and blood
Listens to the poundings of the African feet
As they dance to the sound of patriotism.

The land of hope and bliss,
The land of milk and honey,
The land where freedom was fought for,
The land rich in natural beauty,
The people, blessed with strength and grace
Fights for the love of their land
As they listen to the pleas of the drenched soil.

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My Dreamland of Freedom

When the real immense of the day,
Floats and flourishes on the land of freedom;
Where the liberty sways throughout,
No barriers to check or tame;
All the thoughts are let loose free,
The empire of freedom is built anew
And service is made by glory or fame.
The enemity defeated and with mortal wounds
Dread himself is frightened
And drowned in the ocean of fears;
How beautiful is the world new created
Happy, cheerly, merry
Only boss of my empire:
Such is the sweet region of mine
Broad and wide my land of dreams.

Vivek Tiwari
Composed on

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Black Peace And Freedom

What imani means to me is the pride of justice
To which imani needs to be,
In which I seek freedom, the freedom to be, to walk, and speak,
Compelled to believe that it seems a reality,

In truth imani and the free in this earth kingdom
Is all make-believe,
Hoping to relax the rapture in the redemption of the lost,
A retrospect of our black tribes that once stood strong
And proud for us all,

We are in need, I am in need,
Self-determination and self-proclamation to rise where we so fall,
With freedom and imani we as people will overcome all.

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Heal Our Land

They say it is the land of promise..Mindanao
The land of beautiful people
The land of dreams, hope and faith

Now it 's gone..the promise..
Now it's war torn, of children crying
orphaned, untimely deaths..of bloodshed

What can i do to help?
what can we share to lessen the hurts?
Who can help us in this strife?

My heart bleeds for them..
I came from this place of promise
And's gone..gone..

If only we bow down and humble ourselves
Humble ourselves and pray
God in His goodness and loving care
Will listen to our cries and will HEAL OUR LAND

And my prayers will be
Let there be peace in Mindanao
Let there be joy in our hearts

Let the children play
Let there be freedom, voice to be heard
Let there be peace from within.

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The Wasp And The Hornet

THE two proud sisters of the sea,
In glory and in doom!--
Well may the eternal waters be
Their broad, unsculptured tomb!
The wind that rings along the wave,
The clear, unshadowed sun,
Are torch and trumpet o'er the brave,
Whose last green wreath is won!

No stranger-hand their banners furled,
No victor's shout they heard;
Unseen, above them ocean curled,
Safe by his own pale bird;
The gnashing billows heaved and fell;
Wild shrieked the midnight gale;
Far, far beneath the morning swell
Were pennon, spar, and sail.

The land of Freedom! Sea and shore
Are guarded now, as when
Her ebbing waves to victory bore
Fair barks and gallant men;
Oh, many a ship of prouder name
May wave her starry fold,
Nor trail, with deeper light of fame,
The paths they swept of old!

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A Boon Of Freedom!

Who has really the boon of freedom in the world?
Plants, animals, men or birds want freedom forever;
Peace and happiness everybody loves to enjoy here.
The joy everyone enjoys is not ready to sacrifice ever;
The strongest dominates to maintain its freedom ever.
Survival depends upon the favourable situation only;
Life goes on for all living beings big or small somehow.
Living on land, swimming on sea and flying in air there’s
Survival of many beings in the world striving for satiation.
Land survivors cannot live in the sea and fly in the air;
Survivors of both on land and sea cannot fly in the sky;
Living on land man can survive on sea but not in the sky;
Of all the creatures only sea gulls and albatross survive
On land, sea and sky as they only have boon of freedom!

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