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Veterinary Camps

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vogelkop bower
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voloshky ukrainian dance camp address
volta school tuition camp rilea
voltage soccer camp
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vombat camp
von trapp chalet in vermont
voq camp legune
vote for camp orange auditions
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vt camps
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vt state regulations for summer camps
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vue sur leau chalet location
vue sur leau chalet maison location
vught camp
vught concentration camp
vught concentration camps
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vulcan camp stove
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vulter mine camp site 1800 s
vulture mine camp
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vw camp at burning man
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w a camps
w a camps person
w alton jones camp
w d boyce council summer camp
w e bowers contracting
w e bowers maryland
w l generals soccer camp
w p camp and sons
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w r wadewitz nature camp
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w21 death camp hitler
wa camp atv
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wabun camp canada
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waccabuc day camp ny
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waddecar scout camp
waddecar scout camp information
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wade bower
wade bower perfect silence
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wahsega 4h camp
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wailani broad camp
wait primus camp stoves
wait primus camp stoves locations canada
waitts lake open bible camp
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waiver pool use camp
waiver release of liability for camp
wakatomika christian service camp
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wake forest super camps
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university of oregon wrestling camp
university of oshkosh soccer camp
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university of ottawa summer camp
university of ottawa summer camps
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university of rochester camp
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university of rutgers basketball team ca
university of san diego soccer camp
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university of saskatchewan and summer ca
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university of sc soccer camp
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university of washington camp
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university of waterloo ace camp
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university of wy swim camp
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uscg traning camp
uscupstate summer camps
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usd football camp
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usda ag discovery camp
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usda minnesota horse camps
usda quarantines cattle at camp cooley
use boot camp mac
use boot camp on windows
use case boot camp
use governors camp
use kwik camp trailer
use of forest service camp hike
use of jews in concentration camps
use of tarps at camp site
use ubuntu in boot camp
vermont vocal camp
vermont voltage sleepaway camp
vermont witch camp
vern family camp horse in oklahoma
vern whittaker horse camp
vernal utah camp ground
verne gagne wrestling camp
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vernight camp
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vernon bowers good pie recipe
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veronza bowers escape
veronza bowers jr
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veterinary camp in michigan
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veterinary camps
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veterinary enrichment camp
veterinary practice management and bower
veterinary science camp

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anita bower
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anne sherwood lighthouse camp
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annie camp
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annie casey foundation and data camp
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annie day camp
annie duke poker camp
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annie ruth camp
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annie wright school summer camps
anniston city boot camp school
annsville youth camp no 5
annual camp site discounts
annual camp week
annual camp week for swingers
annual hike for camp
annual holiday water polo camp
annual report firefighter burn camp
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annual weather angels camp
annual weather camp verde az
annuities after camp release
annuity training camp
annunciation cathedral camp
anodized camp cookware
anoka county summer camp
anorexia boot camp diet
anorexia bullimia international camp
anorexia camps
anorexic boot camp
another pointless summer camp movie
another way inc md camp
ans camp 4
ansan camp
ansar discovery terrorist training camps
ansel adams internment camps
ansel adams japanese camp
ansel adams philmont scout camp
ansel adams trailer camp ren
ansel adams visited manzanar camp
anseox camp
anson bower hudson ny
answer camp
answer camp craig ak
answer camp galena alaska
answer camp shayla
answer camp shayla carney
ant barriers for camp sites
ant powder for camp sites
antalya climbing camp
antarctic base camp
antarcticas base camps
antelope canyon camp sites
antelope flat camp ground utah
antheil school day camp
anthem boot camp
anthem camp
anthem country club houses
anthem summer camps phoenix
anthony and the camp
anthony beck football camp
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anthony bowers georgia
anthony bruno camp hill
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anthony davis rude chalet
anthony davis rude chalets
anthony demayo lonesome camp ridgecrest
anthony demayo lonesome camp ridgecrest
anthony gail medeiros camp lejeune
anthony grant basketball camp
anthony h bowers
anthony h bowers lockheed
anthony hunting camp
anthony johnson basketball camp
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anthony munoz football camp
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all american camp ground bristol
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Twin State

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What About The Music

I don't mind talking, girl
But there's a time and place
Right now we're alone, yeah
But it's just gone to waste
Look up and see the moon
Slide down the clouds
The radio is playing softly now
So if you talk above a wisdom
It's too loud
What about the music, babe
What about the moon
It's a shame if we talk music
We'll be leaving soon
You keep on talking, girl
We can talk on the phone
We should be kissing, babe
Now that we're alone
Though when they're singing
Love songs to the moon
You know it's love
That makes the flowers bloom
But you keep saying things you
Could tell me in a crowded room
What about the music, yeah
What about the moon, babe
It's a shame if we talk music
We'll be leaving soon
What about the music
Sweet soul music
What about the moon
Hey, what about the moon, babe
We are loving and i can't lose it
We'll be leaving soon
What about the music, yeah
What about the moon
I said it's a shame if we talk music
We'll be leaving soon
What about the music, yeah
What about the moon
It's a shame if we talk music
We'll be leaving soon
What about the music, yeah
What about the moon
It's a shame if we talk music
We'll be leaving soon
What about the music
What about the moon
It's a shame if we talk music
We'll be leaving soon

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An Elegy on the Death of Kenneth Patchen

A poet is born
A poet dies
And all that lies between
is us
and the world

And the world lies about it
making as if it had got his message
even though it is poetry
but most of the world wishing
it could just forget about him
and his awful strange prophecies

Along with all the other strange things
he said about the world
which were all too true
and which made them fear him
more than they loved him
though he spoke much of love

Along with all the alarms he sounded
which turned out to be false
if only for the moment
all of which made them fear his tongue
more than they loved him
Though he spoke much of love
and never lived by ‘silence exile & cunning’
and was a loud conscientious objector to
the deaths we daily give each other
though we speak much of love

And when such a one dies
even the agents of Death should take note
and shake the shit from their wings
in Air Force One
But they do not
And the shit still flies
And the poet now is disconnected
and won’t call back
though he spoke much of love

And still we hear him say
‘Do I not deal with angels
when her lips I touch’
And still we hear him say
‘0 my darling troubles heaven
with her loveliness’
And still we hear him say
As we are so wonderfully done with each other
We can walk into our separate ‘sleep
On floors of music where the milkwhite cloak
of childhood lies’

And still we hear him saying
‘Therefore the constant powers do not lessen
Nor is the property of the spirit scattered
on the cold hills of these events’
And still we hear him asking
‘Do the dead know what time it is?’

He is gone under
He is scattered
and knows what time
but won’t be back to tell it
He would be too proud to call back anyway
And too full of strange laughter
to speak to us anymore anyway

And the weight of human experience
lies upon the world
like the chains of the ‘sea
in which he sings
And he swings in the tides of the sea
And his ashes are washed
in the ides of the sea
And ‘an astonished eye looks out of the air’
to see the poet singing there

And dusk falls down a coast somewhere

where a white horse without a rider
turns its head
to the sea

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Our River


Once more on yonder laurelled height
The summer flowers have budded;
Once more with summer's golden light
The vales of home are flooded;
And once more, by the grace of Him
Of every good the Giver,
We sing upon its wooded rim
The praises of our river,

Its pines above, its waves below,
The west-wind down it blowing,
As fair as when the young Brissot
Beheld it seaward flowing,--
And bore its memory o'er the deep,
To soothe a martyr's sadness,
And fresco, hi his troubled sleep,
His prison-walls with gladness.

We know the world is rich with streams
Renowned in song and story,
Whose music murmurs through our dreams
Of human love and glory
We know that Arno's banks are fair,
And Rhine has castled shadows,
And, poet-tuned, the Doon and Ayr
Go singing down their meadows.

But while, unpictured and unsung
By painter or by poet,
Our river waits the tuneful tongue
And cunning hand to show it,--
We only know the fond skies lean
Above it, warm with blessing,
And the sweet soul of our Undine
Awakes to our caressing.

No fickle sun-god holds the flocks
That graze its shores in keeping;
No icy kiss of Dian mocks
The youth beside it sleeping
Our Christian river loveth most
The beautiful and human;
The heathen streams of Naiads boast,
But ours of man and woman.

The miner in his cabin hears
The ripple we are hearing;
It whispers soft to homesick ears
Around the settler's clearing
In Sacramento's vales of corn,
Or Santee's bloom of cotton,
Our river by its valley-born
Was never yet forgotten.

The drum rolls loud, the bugle fills
The summer air with clangor;
The war-storm shakes the solid hills
Beneath its tread of anger;
Young eyes that last year smiled in ours
Now point the rifle's barrel,
And hands then stained with fruits and flowers
Bear redder stains of quarrel.

But blue skies smile, and flowers bloom on,
And rivers still keep flowing,
The dear God still his rain and sun
On good and ill bestowing.
His pine-trees whisper, 'Trust and wait!'
His flowers are prophesying
That all we dread of change or fate
His live is underlying.

And thou, O Mountain-born!--no more
We ask the wise Allotter
Than for the firmness of thy shore,
The calmness of thy water,
The cheerful lights that overlay,
Thy rugged slopes with beauty,
To match our spirits to our day
And make a joy of duty.

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This Day

music and poetry
bon jovi and

staying put
to art and making
the most out
of music

ears and hands
a mind that floats

ballet in thoughts
tip toe on the soft grasses

of the mind
taking it not giving up

seeping and absorbing
the nice things

singing and then

this is life
in happy suspension.

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A Sleepless Night

Within the hollow silence of the night
I lay awake and listened. I could hear
Planet with punctual planet chiming clear,
And unto star star cadencing aright.
Nor these alone: cloistered from deafening sight,
All things that are, made music to my ear:
Hushed woods, dumb caves, and many a soundless mere,
With Arctic mains in rigid sleep locked tight.
But ever with this chant from shore and sea,
From singing constellation, humming thought,
And life through time's stops blowing variously,
A melancholy undertone was wrought;
And from its boundless prison-house I caught
The awful wail of lone Eternity.

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Play On

All of my life, the wheels were turning
Drawing me near, to something that's burning bright
The music begins, a song that is new
Joining as one, it leads me to you
Play on, play on, lifting our voices to reach the sky
Play on, play on, singing a song and my heart's on fire
My morning star, has always been with me
Lifting me up, when I couldn't carry on
Turning the page, to each song I write
Leading me on, on through the night
(Chor us)
Living the song
Holding on to a dream that never dies
I open my eyes
Learning the word that never fade
Now it begins
Never to end
It's the prize I long for
Play on, play on, lifting our voices to reach the sky
Play on, play on, sound a refrain to be heard on high
Play on, play on, singing a song and my heart's on fire

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I am in full dream

Long long miles away from you
Under the open deep blue sky
Besides the ever flowing river
I stand alone, and feel very lonely

My heart and mind is open to listen
The mystic music of nature deeply

the sound of the cricket seems to me
is the best, sweeter of the sweetest
Blowing of the wind is very soothing
The firefly dances with the singing
Of the birds, and the golden sun adds
Some colours, the call of the fox is like
Beating of the drums, the occasional sound
Of the frogs in the water is thrilling enough,
the his his sound of leaves raises my hairs
the queen, night, comes in along with moon light
I swallow the beauty with delight.

I wanted to share with you, ah! I miss you very much,
The worries of my life crowded out but your memories crowded in
now I am in full dream along with your memories mingled
with the beauty of the moon.

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Louisa May Alcott

The Rose Family' Song 1

O flower at my window
Why blossom you so fair,
With your green and purple cup
Upturned to sun and air?
'I bloom, blithesome Bessie,
To cheer your childish heart;
The world is full of labor,
And this shall be my part.'
Whirl, busy wheel, faster,
Spin, little thread, spin;
The sun shines fair without,
And we are gay within.

O robin in the tree-top,
With sunshine on your breast,
Why brood you so patiently
Above your hidden nest?
'I brood, blithesome Bessie,
And sing my humble song,
That the world may have more music
From my little ones erelong.'
Whirl, busy wheel, faster,
Spin, little thread, spin;
The sun shines fair without,
And we are gay within.

O balmy wind of summer,
O silver-singing brook,
Why rustle through the branches?
Why shimmer in your nook?
'I flutter, blithesome Bessie,
Like a blessing far and wide;
I scatter bloom and verdue
Where'er my footsteps glide.'
Whirl, busy wheel, faster,
Spin, little thread, spin;
The sun shines fair without,
And we are gay within.

O brook and breeze and blossom,
And robin on the tree,
You make a joy of duty,
A pride of industry;
Teach me to work as blithely,
With a willing hand and heart:
The world is full of labor,
And I must do my part.
Whirl, busy wheel, faster,
Spin, little thread, spin;
The sun shines fair without,
And we are gay within.

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Elegy on a Lady, whom Grief for the Death of her Betrothed Killed

Assemble, all ye maidens, at the door,
And all ye loves, assemble; far and wide
Proclaim the bridal, that proclaimed before
Has been deferred to this late eventide:
For on this night the bride,
The days of her betrothal over,
Leaves the parental hearth for evermore;
To-night the bride goes forth to meet her lover.

Reach down the wedding vesture, that has lain
Yet all unvisited, the silken gown:
Bring out the bracelets, and the golden chain
Her dearer friends provided: sere and brown
Bring out the festal crown,
And set it on her forehead lightly:
Though it be withered, twine no wreath again;
This only is the crown she can wear rightly.

Cloak her in ermine, for the night is cold,
And wrap her warmly, for the night is long;
In pious hands the flaming torches hold,
While her attendants, chosen from among

Her faithful virgin throng,
May lay her in her cedar litter,
Decking her coverlet with sprigs of gold,
Roses, and lilies white that best befit her.

Sound flute and tabor, that the bridal be
Not without music, nor with these alone;
But let the viol lead the melody,
With lesser intervals, and plaintive moan
Of sinking semitone;
And, all in choir, the virgin voices
Rest not from singing in skilled harmony
The song that aye the bridegroom's ear rejoices.

Let the priests go before, arrayed in white,
And let the dark-stoled minstrels follow slow,
Next they that bear her, honoured on this night,
And then the maidens, in a double row,
Each singing soft and low,
And each on high a torch upstaying:
Unto her lover lead her forth with light,
With music, and with singing, and with praying.

'Twas at this sheltering hour he nightly came,
And found her trusty window open wide,
And knew the signal of the timorous flame,
That long the restless curtain would not hide
Her form that stood beside;
As scarce she dared to be delighted,
Listening to that sweet tale, that is no shame
To faithful lovers, that their hearts have plighted.

But now for many days the dewy grass
Has shown no markings of his feet at morn:
And watching she has seen no shadow pass
The moonlit walk, and heard no music borne
Upon her ear forlorn.
In vain she has looked out to greet him;
He has not come, he will not come, alas!
So let us bear her out where she must meet him.

Now to the river bank the priests are come:
The bark is ready to receive its freight:
Let some prepare her place therein, and some
Embark the litter with its slender weight:
The rest stand by in state,
And sing her a safe passage over;
While she is oared across to her new home,
Into the arms of her expectant lover.

And thou, O lover, that art on the watch,
Where, on the banks of the forgetful streams,
The pale indifferent ghosts wander, and snatch
The sweeter moments of their broken dreams,--
Thou, when the torchlight gleams,
When thou shalt see the slow procession,
And when thine ears the fitful music catch,
Rejoice, for thou art near to thy possession.

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I would much rather be a better mother or better human being than I would be a singer. Fortunately for me singing makes me a living.

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I Am Your Singer

You are my love, you are my song, liger on,
You are my song, I am your singer.
You are my one, you are my own melody,
You are my song, I am your singer.
Someday when were singing
We will fly away, going winging.
Sing, singing my love song to you.
My song is sung,
When day is done harmonies willinger on,
I am your singer,
I am your singer,
Singing my love song to you.

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A Poet's Resume

NAME: The humble Poet

ADDRESS: Everywhere

DATE OF BIRTH: Planet Earth

RACE: Human Race

NATIONALITY: Citizen of the World

LANGUAGE: Language of Love and Peace

RELIGION: Belief in the Mighty One above

HOBBIES: Dancing, Singing and Writing

FAVORITE BOOK: Any one with positive content

DREAM: That my voice be heard throughout the World

SCARE OF: Nothing but my own thoughts

MAIN OBJECTIVE: To see humanity in total harmony

PERSONAL QUOTE: 'Love and Peace for always'

©All Rights Reserved-2012

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To Lord Tennyson


Master and mage, our prince of song, whom Time,
In this your autumn mellow and serene,
Crowns ever with fresh laurels, nor less green
Than garlands dewy from your verdurous prime;
Heir of the riches of the whole world's rhyme,
Dow'r'd with the Doric grace, the Mantuan mien,
With Arno's depth and Avon's golden sheen;
Singer to whom the singing ages climb,
Convergent;-if the youngest of the choir
May snatch a flying splendour from your name
Making his page illustrious, and aspire
For one rich moment your regard to claim,
Suffer him at your feet to lay his lyre
And touch the skirts and fringes of your fame.

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William Blake

The Crystal Cabinet

The Maiden caught me in the Wild
Where I was dancing merrily
She put me into her Cabinet
And Lockd me up with a golden Key

This Cabinet is formd of Gold
And Pearl and Crystal shining bright
And within it opens into a World
And a little lovely Moony Night

Another England there I saw
Another London with its Tower
Another Thames and other Hills
And another pleasant Surrey Bower

Another Maiden like herself
Translucent lovely shining clear
Threefold each in the other closd
O what a pleasant trembling fear

O what a smile a threefold Smile
Filld me that like a flame I burnd
I bent to Kiss the lovely Maid
And found a Threefold Kiss returnd

I strove to sieze the inmost Form
With ardor fierce and hands of flame
But burst the Crystal Cabinet
And like a Weeping Babe became

A weeping Babe upon the wild
And Weeping Woman pale reclind
And in the outward air again
I filld with woes the passing Wind

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