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Love and Trust

Do you believe that in order for you to love your partner, you have to trust them, you have to confide in them, everything that one does, embellish with them all your inner thoughts?

Love is something unexplainable, something uncontrollable, a feeling you cannot define, every ones concept of love is different, everyone believes in a true love, but what is love? Do you believe it needs trust to build a commitment?

Trust, in order for your partner to be there for you, you want to develop a sense of comfortablism with them, that you can grasp and confide in them with anything you have to say or offer, any decisions you wanted to make you would 'TRUST' them with that so you can make the right choice.

'You can do wrong to me but at the end of the day, I still love you, unconditionally'

Think about this, can you love someone and build a strong commitment with them if you don't trust them? Can you tell them everything, share everything, why does trust need to be a factor in your decision on whether you should love him or her for the rest of your life, if I don't trust you that doesn't mean I don't love you, and vice versa. How is it that the two things always get mixed up and twisted and tangled, mangled. who proposed that these two should determine what happens in a relationship. How can anyone say this has a factor or plays a role in how you love someone. You should love them whether you trust them or not, trust is nothing when you have great feelings with someone else. There should be no filters or walls to determine, LOVE, I don't have to trust you to love you. Love is not only the foundation of relationships, it is the foundation for everything.

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