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Death Wink Watches Smokers Burn Time

yes we knew you were smoking extra
stress does that reaction to corpus reasons
eat me drink me impact implications

smoking eat smoke inhale lit consequences
smoking lurks among thinner thinner drugs
produces need to infuse body in toxic soups

calm smokes in 4000 plus list chemicals
baby chemicals in addiction cigarettes
in need tobacco smoke kill victim bodies

smoking harmful over 50 known carcinogens
carcinogens cause cancer in inhaling humans
so many poisons rest delight to smoker graves

nice virgin new pack light up your cancer sticks
use as intended cigarettes sold legally crave favours
each need puff puff accumulates over time kills

so few products packaged so appallingly sold legally
tobacco companies out fox pending ongoing lawsuits
avoid health long term effects smoking responsibilities

what words could I pose what list pain suffering illnesses
exhaustive would stimulate horror in smoker smog minds?
what chemicals in cigarettes will people fear flee recognize?

rational mind puff is not addictive mind plead pax denials
poisons self inhaled leisure cruise smoker bloodstreams
recognize relate rat bait harmful disease dire consequences

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