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That Has Always Been a Dream

Why are you playing dodgeball?
In the middle of traffic on the highway?
You 'must' have a death wish?

'I'm seeking immediated feedback.
Plus I'm testing the hearts of my fellowmen,
To prove my wellbeing is their priority!
But don't distract me.
My partner is behind you.
And getting ready to throw me the ball.
I tagged him out!
I told him he had no chance to win.
No guts...
No glory.'

Why didn't you follow.
And remove yourself out of harm's way?

'And lose my advantage?
I'm up by three points.'

I thought you were testing the hearts of your fellowmen?

'I am.
But if I win this game,
I'll also gain the sound of applause.
And that has always been a dream I wish to fulfill.
And I am 'thisclose' to achieving it.'

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