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A day without charm

I plead for it and say sorry
It is causing me worry
I couldn't say hello in hurry
Does that look so funny?

Now a day it is loosing its charm
To say 'sorry' is doing less good and more harm
The relation gets strained and doesn't remain warm
You can't embrace your friend in arm

To say “sorry” is fashion of the day
It is easy for person to get out of way
What does it cost for saying fed words?
No one may draw weapons like swords

It is quite amusing and creating uneasiness
It lacks truthfulness and frankness
No one is going to hang you for incidence
Try to avoid it as easy reference

Regret it even if you are late
Admit the mistake and never hate
It is bound to happen with any one
Who are we to commit on every one?

Say it with regret and express sorrow
It will definitely be good for tomorrow
No matter in which manner you express?
It may try to lessen out your stress

This is open courtesy
It doesn’t involve any money
It is pure and simple gesture
We are making it doubly sure

The opponent may get infuriated
The atmosphere may stand vitiated
Some steps will have to be initiated
The balance will be maintained and stand co-related

Let us get straight on the subject
If apology is offered then not to reject
It may amount to be greatness on our part
Well it is nice gesture with very good start

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