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Mother Earth

The Mother Earth, that many praise, has been tainted by evil ways,
When created by God, it was good, suited for all man’s livelihood.
Created by God sound and pure, created by the Creator to endure,
Saying very good after creating man, all part of God’s lasting plan.

But, when seduced by that snake, God’s plan, man would forsake,
With craft Satan would deceive, both the man and the woman Eve,
With that choice, came a price, as they were forced from Paradise,
The devil continues his evil plan, from Adam and Eve to all of man.

For Satan hasn’t stopped at all, since he led Adam and Eve to fall,
Determined to defame the King, Christ, who reigns over everything.
Filling men’s hearts with self worth, to reason they control the earth,
Suggesting all earth will melt away, if demigods don’t save the day.

For God, these men have no room, as they fill men with utter doom,
Wanting to be a god for those, who don’t believe in Christ who rose.
For one month out of every year, they focus on man’s wrought fear,
And since they despise The Lord, all God’s Truth, is simply ignored.

With all the facts these men read, Eternal Truth they just won’t heed,
For God’s Word will tell them all, God is big and that they are small.
He is not in fear, wringing his hands, as all Eternity He understands,
And knows Mother Earth and its lie, by His Hand, shall eternally die.

(Copyright ©04/2008)

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