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Taking the entire globe, if North America and Western Europe can be called the 'cities of the world', then Asia, Africa and Latin America constitute 'the rural areas of the world'.

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The Greatest Thing In North America

This is the greatest thing in North America:
Europe is the greatest thing in North America!
High in the sky, dark in the heart, and always there
Among the natural powers of sunlight and of air,
Changing, second by second, shifting and changing the
Bring fresh rain to the stone of the library steps.

Under the famous names upon the pediment:
Thales, Aristotle,
Cicero, Augustine, Scotus, Galileo,
Joseph, Odysseus, Hamlet, Columbus and Spinoza,
Anna Karenina, Alyosha Karamazov, Sherlock Holmes.

And the last three also live upon the silver screen
Three blocks away, in moonlight's artificial day,
A double bill in the darkened palace whirled,
And the veritable glittering light of the turning world's
Burning mind and blazing imagination, showing, day by
And week after week the desires of the heart and mind
Of all the living souls yearning everywhere
From Canada to Panama, from Brooklyn to Paraguay,
From Cuba to Vancouver, every afternoon and every night.

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Taking The Time To Care!

that old man
that i spent an hour with
the other day...

just talking, and listening
to his problems...
came back and thanked me,

a second time, for just
taking the time to care...
sometimes the best prayer

we can ever pray
is just that... taking the time
to care!

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I'm Taking The Photographs Of The Photographers

as they busy taking the
shots of their lives
focusing and focusing
their lenses

i take the opposite view
taking their pictures as they take their pictures
trying to define life
sifting all the details
the colors and tones
and frozen movements of
people and things

i am amazed on how amazed they are
with their object and subjects
i click my camera first before they
click theirs

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Taking The Easy Way Out

Youll take advantage til you think youre being used
Cause without an enemy your anger gets confused
I got stuck on the side you know, I never chose
But its all about taking the easy way out for you I suppose
Theres no escape for you except in someone else
Although youve already disappeared within yourself
The invisible man whos always changing clothes
Its all about taking the easy way out for you I suppose
Well I dont want you making mistakes
I wish you luck I really do
But the problem with the puzzle
Whatevers left to you
I heard you found another audience to bore
A creative thinker who imagined you were more
A new body for you to push around and pose
Its all about taking the easy way out for you I suppose
Its all about taking the easy way out for you I suppose

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Taking The Chance

(graham russell)
Youre in-between a page of life you never dreamed
The answer wont come from that magazine
This time its real and youre not sure just what to feel
Who can I trust to say
Should I give love now should I take love now
Im taking the chance
And giving myself to you
If somethings not right then tell me Im wrong
I just want our love to carry on
Sometimes the fear of losing you has been so near
I needed to make this choice on my own
To let love in when Im so scared when things begin
Dont ever run away I feel close to you now
You know I need you now
Im taking the chance
And giving myself to you
If somethings not right then tell me Im wrong
I just want our love to carry on
Im taking the chance
I cant let this feeling leave
I dont want those nights of waiting so long
Im taking the chance before its gone
Taking the chance
Taking the chance
Taking the chance
Taking the chance
On you
(repeat chorus)

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Taking The Wings Of A Dragon

Here I am staring at the sun, wondering what I've become. Was I on the run? Well now its over. Im taking the wings of a dragon and getting ready to fly. I want to embrace the sky. I want to live my life before I die. I don't want to hide behind contradictions or lies. So here I am staring at the sun, wondering what I've become. Was I on the run? Well now its over. I'm taking the wings of a dragon and getting ready fly. Empty the mind, open the soul and let it all flow through. Broken hearts can be glued. I know that at one time it seemed as if I was screwed. But I have paid those dues. And now its time to move. So here I am staring at the sun, wondering what I've become. Was I on the run? Well now its over. I'm taking the wings of a dragon and getting ready to fly. The awe inspired. The truly desired. Stop to admire. What if that was yours? Oh so much do I adore. I must explore so much more. Never deny a chance to change the score. A riddle within is where I must begin. I must see this to the end. So here I am staring at the sun, wondering what I've become. Was I on the run? Was I on the run? . Well now its over. Im taking the wings of a dragon and getting ready to fly. I'm getting ready to fly.

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For Taking The Trouble

For taking the trouble, for hanging on and tryin'
Now you've been working through the rubble of a shattered mind
Yeah Baby, tell me why the tears are falling from your eye
Tears of laughter, tears of grief, are they the tears of a captured thief?
You thought that you were home free, thought you had her well in hand
But there were things about her you didn't understand
Yeah Baby, tell me how you're gonna keep that promise now?
To live your life without regret and make it work with what you get
You didn't then, but now you know
When she began to lie-you really should have let her go
You're learnin' how to talk about it, you're learnin' how to bend
It's like you're learning how to walk all over again
Yeah Baby, tell me who you're gonna give your lovin' to?
That girl who catches every eye
Or the one you can set your compass by
You set it by her soulful smile
The fire in her eye
And the way she goes that extra mile
The love you wanted this to be
Is somewhere down the line
You'll find her eventually
Your grandma and her grandma
Sittin' 'round heaven discussin' the law
Lovin' that girl was not your crime,
Livin' without her gonna take some time
Lovin' that girl next thing you knew,
You'd turned away from the thing you do
Lovin' that girl, you couldn't see
Living without her gonna make you free

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z-The Muse- Whither America?

I asked the Muse Whither America?

'I see millions in the broken cities
crowding debt,

I see families un-affordable,
single parents struggling;

I see the children no longer able to afford the big houses
and the old ones abandon the homestead,
and crowd back to the cities.

The young ones can't find work;
its five to a house.
The Americans, the British, the Italians
the Russians, all of Western Europe
can not
duplicate themselves and they perish
replaced by the poor ones from the South
and the East.

All the world comes together to confront Destiny.
Whither the Planet?

But hope there is:
There will be in America
repatriation of the rural lands;
the abandonment of the cites
and massive building of rural technology-based enclaves;
smart technology driven, green based and self sufficient.

America's salvation there.

Economies will move toward barter exchange
because currency will fail,
replaced by new systems and gains in efficiency

Government will devolve to less control
less bureaucracy;
more local control
weak confederations instead.

The village life returns.

Crafts replace portions of profit-based technology.

Old skills of self-sufficiency revive.

Nation states are weakened,
and cross-national enclaves emerge
where ideas cross boundaries.

Real democracy will thrive in smaller settings.

This will be
whether there is disaster
or planning for this.

Disaster will give us small enclaves
but bands of mauraders
and bandit bands
who leave the cites
when the five day supply of food gives out;
their enclaves are forced and violent.

The better way is the one I describe.

In your life-time son
40 years hence
this will be
but which future.
will it be?

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A surprise in store

Everybody is independent of their own action
We feel no surprise or express our reaction
It is natural phenomena and complete cycle
They perform well and crate no trouble

All divine bodies believe in self discipline
No one has got any regret or room to complain
Their actions some times may cause us agony and pain
It is their usual course of action and honestly maintained

Whole ecological balance is kept under control and check
Timely arrival of monsoon and complete life is kept on track
Who can complain about treachery of nature and its course?
We know it is absolutely in order and for our benefit of course

It is symbolic gesture of nature to be useful to mankind
It has many secret weapons in its armory to unfold and unwind
It has dimensional powers to be cruel and a the same time very kind
We always take it gracefully to our hearts and never mind

It is generosity on the part of nature that makes us to think
We look at the horizon and see its vastness in blue ink
Complete spread over entire globe still no sign of arrogance
How can we pretend to be everything out of ignorance?

Sea’s vastness too gives complete different picture
Your sailing on it is smoothly reassured
How many miles deep inside has its boundary?
Still it remains calm with all other thoughts as secondary

We have nothing at our disposal of such things
We remain proud with lots of things to think as something
We are not in position of delivering anything as good
We have no slight intension of taking out other people from out of wood

There are lots of things to be learnt from around the globe
It must appeal us for the outset without inviting any probe
There is indication of doing everything good to others
We still involve in unnecessary things and make others to bother

We are powerless and yet claim superior in all respect
This is only startling revelation and dangerous in true aspect
We can be dashed to ground in friction of seconds
There is no use whether you remain in dilemma or pretend

Learn to live like giants and yet very humble
Learn from mistakes and never go down or fumble
It is wisest way of all to be near to the truth
What else you need to know Sun as real proof

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Im Taking The Day Out

Im taking the day out
Im slipping away
I know what youre thinking
But please not today
Tell me tomorrow or never at all
cos I know so maybe Ill give you a call
Im taking the day out
Yea taking the day out
Tell me tomorrow or never at all
I know what youre after
Ill give you a call
Im taking the day out
Yea taking the day out

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Rather than squander the surplus on tax breaks for the rich, we should add a prescription drug benefit to the Medicare program, shore up Social Security, fortify our defense, provide a quality public education and offer economic assistance to rural areas.

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Walt Whitman

As A Strong Bird On Pinious Free

AS a strong bird on pinions free,
Joyous, the amplest spaces heavenward cleaving,
Such be the thought I'd think to-day of thee, America,
Such be the recitative I'd bring to-day for thee.

The conceits of the poets of other lands I bring thee not,
Nor the compliments that have served their turn so long,
Nor rhyme--nor the classics--nor perfume of foreign court, or indoor
But an odor I'd bring to-day as from forests of pine in the north, in
Maine--or breath of an Illinois prairie,
With open airs of Virginia, or Georgia, or Tennessee--or from Texas
uplands, or Florida's glades,
With presentment of Yellowstone's scenes, or Yosemite; 10
And murmuring under, pervading all, I'd bring the rustling sea-sound,
That endlessly sounds from the two great seas of the world.

And for thy subtler sense, subtler refrains, O Union!
Preludes of intellect tallying these and thee--mind-formulas fitted
for thee--real, and sane, and large as these and thee;
Thou, mounting higher, diving deeper than we knew--thou
transcendental Union!
By thee Fact to be justified--blended with Thought;
Thought of Man justified--blended with God:
Through thy Idea--lo! the immortal Reality!
Through thy Reality--lo! the immortal Idea!

Brain of the New World! what a task is thine! 20
To formulate the Modern.....Out of the peerless grandeur of the
Out of Thyself--comprising Science--to recast Poems, Churches, Art,
(Recast--may-be discard them, end them--May-be their work is done--
who knows?)
By vision, hand, conception, on the background of the mighty past,
the dead,
To limn, with absolute faith, the mighty living present.

(And yet, thou living, present brain! heir of the dead, the Old World
Thou that lay folded, like an unborn babe, within its folds so long!
Thou carefully prepared by it so long!--haply thou but unfoldest it--
only maturest it;
It to eventuate in thee--the essence of the by-gone time contain'd in
Its poems, churches, arts, unwitting to themselves, destined with
reference to thee, 30
The fruit of all the Old, ripening to-day in thee.)

Sail--sail thy best, ship of Democracy!
Of value is thy freight--'tis not the Present only,
The Past is also stored in thee!
Thou holdest not the venture of thyself alone--not of thy western
continent alone;
Earth's résumé entire floats on thy keel, O ship--is steadied by thy
With thee Time voyages in trust--the antecedent nations sink or swim
with thee;
With all their ancient struggles, martyrs, heroes, epics, wars, thou
bear'st the other continents;
Theirs, theirs as much as thine, the destination-port triumphant:
--Steer, steer with good strong hand and wary eye, O helmsman--thou
carryest great companions, 40
Venerable, priestly Asia sails this day with thee,
And royal, feudal Europe sails with thee.

Beautiful World of new, superber Birth, that rises to my eyes,
Like a limitless golden cloud, filling the western sky;
Emblem of general Maternity, lifted above all;
Sacred shape of the bearer of daughters and sons;
Out of thy teeming womb, thy giant babes in ceaseless procession
Acceding from such gestation, taking and giving continual strength
and life;
World of the Real! world of the twain in one!
World of the Soul--born by the world of the real alone--led to
identity, body, by it alone; 50
Yet in beginning only--incalculable masses of composite, precious
By history's cycles forwarded--by every nation, language, hither
Ready, collected here--a freer, vast, electric World, to be
constructed here,
(The true New World--the world of orbic Science, Morals, Literatures
to come,)
Thou Wonder World, yet undefined, unform'd--neither do I define thee;
How can I pierce the impenetrable blank of the future?
I feel thy ominous greatness, evil as well as good;
I watch thee, advancing, absorbing the present, transcending the
I see thy light lighting and thy shadow shadowing, as if the entire
But I do not undertake to define thee--hardly to comprehend thee; 60
I but thee name--thee prophecy--as now!
I merely thee ejaculate!

Thee in thy future;
Thee in thy only permanent life, career--thy own unloosen'd mind--thy
soaring spirit;
Thee as another equally needed sun, America--radiant, ablaze, swift-
moving, fructifying all;
Thee! risen in thy potent cheerfulness and joy--thy endless, great
(Scattering for good the cloud that hung so long--that weigh'd so
long upon the mind of man,
The doubt, suspicion, dread, of gradual, certain decadence of man;)
Thee in thy larger, saner breeds of Female, Male--thee in thy
athletes, moral, spiritual, South, North, West, East,
(To thy immortal breasts, Mother of All, thy every daughter, son,
endear'd alike, forever equal;) 70
Thee in thy own musicians, singers, artists, unborn yet, but certain;
Thee in thy moral wealth and civilization (until which thy proudest
material wealth and civilization must remain in vain;)
Thee in thy all-supplying, all-enclosing Worship--thee in no single
bible, saviour, merely,
Thy saviours countless, latent within thyself--thy bibles incessant,
within thyself, equal to any, divine as any;
Thee in an education grown of thee--in teachers, studies, students,
born of thee;
Thee in thy democratic fetes, en masse--thy high original festivals,
operas, lecturers, preachers;
Thee in thy ultimata, (the preparations only now completed--the
edifice on sure foundations tied,)
Thee in thy pinnacles, intellect, thought--thy topmost rational
joys--thy love, and godlike aspiration,
In thy resplendent coming literati--thy full-lung'd orators--thy
sacerdotal bards--kosmic savans,
These! these in thee, (certain to come,) to-day I prophecy. 80

Land tolerating all--accepting all--not for the good alone--all good
for thee;
Land in the realms of God to be a realm unto thyself;
Under the rule of God to be a rule unto thyself.

(Lo! where arise three peerless stars,
To be thy natal stars, my country--Ensemble--Evolution--Freedom,
Set in the sky of Law.)

Land of unprecedented faith--God's faith!
Thy soil, thy very subsoil, all upheav'd;
The general inner earth, so long, so sedulously draped over, now and
hence for what it is, boldly laid bare,
Open'd by thee to heaven's light, for benefit or bale. 90

Not for success alone;
Not to fair-sail unintermitted always;
The storm shall dash thy face--the murk of war, and worse than war,
shall cover thee all over;
(Wert capable of war--its tug and trials? Be capable of peace, its
For the tug and mortal strain of nations come at last in peace--not
In many a smiling mask death shall approach, beguiling thee--thou in
disease shalt swelter;
The livid cancer spread its hideous claws, clinging upon thy breasts,
seeking to strike thee deep within;
Consumption of the worst--moral consumption--shall rouge thy face
with hectic:
But thou shalt face thy fortunes, thy diseases, and surmount them
Whatever they are to-day, and whatever through time they may be, 100
They each and all shall lift, and pass away, and cease from thee;
While thou, Time's spirals rounding--out of thyself, thyself still
extricating, fusing,
Equable, natural, mystical Union thou--(the mortal with immortal
Shalt soar toward the fulfilment of the future--the spirit of the
body and the mind,
The Soul--its destinies.

The Soul, its destinies--the real real,
(Purport of all these apparitions of the real;)
In thee, America, the Soul, its destinies;
Thou globe of globes! thou wonder nebulous!
By many a throe of heat and cold convuls'd--(by these thyself
solidifying;) 110
Thou mental, moral orb! thou New, indeed new, Spiritual World!
The Present holds thee not--for such vast growth as thine--for such
unparallel'd flight as thine,
The Future only holds thee, and can hold thee.

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The North Window: Bamboo and Rock

A magisterial rock windswept and pure
and a few bamboo so lavish and green:

facing me, they seem full of sincerity.
I gaze into them and can't get enough,

and there's more at the north window
and along the path beside West Pond:

wind sowing bamboo clarities aplenty,
rain gracing the subtle greens of moss.

My wife's still here, frail and old as me,
but no one else: the children are gone.

Leave the window open. If you close it,
who'll keep us company for the night?

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The Key And The Closing Of The Door

half open, you signify a little doubt
about what to do,
there is this dichotomy about leaving and entering
at the middle of a decision,
one stops to ponder whether who at the end is hurt

will it be just myself? or someone else,
someone you like to love but cannot

then you go outside and close the door behind you
locking it and taking the key
you own the world now, what is inside that room
no one can take away,
in this case, there is the decision to come back
until the mind
settles for the big thing
whatever is it
you cannot say it
for the meantime that you still have the key in your hand

time passes. You let it simmer
defrost the hardness of the cold

then you come back and open the door again
nothing taken, but this time you leave the key under the rag
and you tell somebody,
the one you love, that the key is there
and it is all

that is the saddest thing that you can do.
but i know, inside, it is the happiest thing that you have done in your entire life


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On The Civil War On The East Coast Of The United States Of North America 1860-64

Because of the unaccountable spirit of the troops
oh we were marched as we were never marched before
and flanked them off from home. Stupid Meade
was after them, head on to tail, but we convinced
him, finally, to flank, flank, cut off their head.
He finally understood, the idiot, and got a fort
named after him, for wisdom. He probably thought
Lee would conquer Washington from Appomattox
if he, Meade, should march his infantry behind
him, Lee. Ah well, the unaccountable spirit of the troops
triumphed, Meade got his fort, Grant got his presidency,
Sherman got his motto, what was it? War is heck?, Lee got a military school
for the education of young Southern gentlemen, and the Union
Army was taken over by Southern noncommissioned officers
in the wars against the Indians to the west. I know all
about this, I know who won, I served under them
for three hundred and fifty years in World War II,
just long enough not to be called a rookie but a veteran,
and realized the rank and order of my enemies:
first, the West Point officers; second, the red-neck sergeants;
third, the Nazis and perhaps the Japanese. I won
all of these wars as a private soldier, for a while,
and am happy to have done so: without me
Hitler and Hirohito would he ruling the world
instead of America and Russia, but I still will not
drive through Georgia with New York license plates.

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To A Lady On Her Coming To North-America With Her Son, For The Recovery Of Her Health

INDULGENT muse! my grov'ling mind inspire,
And fill my bosom with celestial fire.
See from Jamaica's fervid shore she moves,
Like the fair mother of the blooming loves,
When from above the Goddess with her hand
Fans the soft breeze, and lights upon the land;
Thus she on Neptune's wat'ry realm reclin'd
Appear'd, and thus invites the ling'ring wind.
"Arise, ye winds, America explore,
"Waft me, ye gales, from this malignant shore;
"The Northern milder climes I long to greet,
"There hope that health will my arrival meet."
Soon as she spoke in my ideal view
The winds assented, and the vessel flew.
Madam, your spouse bereft of wife and son,
In the grove's dark recesses pours his moan;
Each branch, wide-spreading to the ambient sky,
Forgets its verdure, and submits to die.
From thence I turn, and leave the sultry plain,
And swift pursue thy passage o'er the main:
The ship arrives before the fav'ring wind,
And makes the Philadelphian port assign'd,
Thence I attend you to Bostonia's arms,
Where gen'rous friendship ev'ry bosom warms:
Thrice welcome here! may health revive again,
Bloom on thy cheek, and bound in ev'ry vein!
Then back return to gladden ev'ry heart,
And give your spouse his soul's far dearer part,
Receiv'd again with what a sweet surprise,
The tear in transport starting from his eyes!
While his attendant son with blooming grace
Springs to his father's ever dear embrace.
With shouts of joy Jamaica's rocks resound,
With shouts of joy the country rings around.

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To The Right Honourable William, Earl Of Dartmouth, His Majesty's Principal Secretary Of The State For North-America,

HAIL, happy day, when, smiling like the morn,
Fair Freedom rose New-England to adorn:
The northern clime beneath her genial ray,
Dartmouth, congratulates thy blissful sway:
Elate with hope her race no longer mourns,
Each soul expands, each grateful bosom burns,
While in thine hand with pleasure we behold
The silken reins, and Freedom's charms unfold.
Long lost to realms beneath the northern skies
She shines supreme, while hated faction dies:
Soon as appear'd the Goddess long desir'd,
Sick at the view, she languish'd and expir'd;
Thus from the splendors of the morning light
The owl in sadness seeks the caves of night.
No more, America, in mournful strain
Of wrongs, and grievance unredress'd complain,
No longer shalt thou dread the iron chain,
Which wanton Tyranny with lawless hand
Had made, and with it meant t' enslave the land.
Should you, my lord, while you peruse my song,
Wonder from whence my love of Freedom sprung,
Whence flow these wishes for the common good,
By feeling hearts alone best understood,
I, young in life, by seeming cruel fate
Was snatch'd from Afric's fancy'd happy seat:
What pangs excruciating must molest,
What sorrows labour in my parent's breast?
Steel'd was that soul and by no misery mov'd
That from a father seiz'd his babe belov'd:
Such, such my case. And can I then but pray
Others may never feel tyrannic sway?
For favours past, great Sir, our thanks are due,
And thee we ask thy favours to renew,
Since in thy pow'r, as in thy will before,
To sooth the griefs, which thou did'st once deplore.
May heav'nly grace the sacred sanction give
To all thy works, and thou for ever live
Not only on the wings of fleeting Fame,
Though praise immortal crowns the patriot's name,
But to conduct to heav'ns refulgent fane,
May fiery coursers sweep th' ethereal plain,
And bear thee upwards to that blest abode,
Where, like the prophet, thou shalt find thy God.

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Neoliberalism And The IMF

Who imposed neoliberalism upon
its victims and what is vile agenda?
Neoliberalism revealed road to hell.

As neoliberalism spreads
agenda fed around the world
like a modern day plague

or a Sheriff of Nottingham
coldly counting out gold coins
amassed stolen from serfdom.

We skip merrily to powerhouse
baron modern day bankers
International Monetary Fund.

The serf medieval farmer
of feudal Europe cultivating
land belonging to a knight?

The landowner buys sells serfs
as land is bought and sold
purchased sold with the land.

Who today could be likened
to a labourer legally bound by
law serving his lord master?

Who indeed? Ignoring modern
slavery more prolific than ever
historically in contemporary
many layered twistered forms?

Is it true that around the world
neoliberalism is imposed by
powerful financial institutions?

Esteemed institutions like famous
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
the Inter-American Development
Bank and the World Bank. Yes!

Banks rape raging all over Latin America!

Neo-liberalism weeds CIA its way into Chile
courtesy agenda of University of Chicago
Milton Friedman who hates welfare dependency
CIA-supports coup against local popularly
elected Allende regime in takeover 1973
then takes out regimes in other countries...

consider implemented effects in sweat shop Mexico
wages declined 40 50% in first year of NAFTA
cost of living sharp soared up a staggering 80%
as North American Free Trade Agreement sinks
hooks deeper into butchered economies Latina.
Neoliberalism is neo-colonization of Latin America.

Mexico 20,000 small and medium businesses failed
over 1,000 state-owned enterprises were privatized
profits for rich were sucked from workers exploited.

Friedman advocates natural rates of unemployment
argues full employment fuels inflation promotes
disastrous permanent departure from gold standard
hail Friedman bean counting revolution monetary.

Meanwhile Friedman Reagan polices sink insidious
teeth deep into target discredited American institutions
sneakily United States neo-liberalism attacks destroys
welfare programs rights of labor immigrant workers.

America remember you were founded upon honest
work of countless free diverse immigrant workers?
What evil is implementing agenda new slave policies?

Who is responsible for cut back social programs?
Who blames poor for government imposed plight?
Who practices divide citizens conquer people policies?

Republican 'Contract' America is pure neo-liberalism.
Observe vile supporters working hard to deny protection
to women, youth, children, planet Earth exploited raped.

Clone citizens sleight of hand tricked accept such policies
as political quick fingers empty public tax cash registers;
with new bogus sales pitch 'get government off my back.'

What happened to days when government had my back?
Who actually benefits from grandiose neoliberalism?
Tax exempt elite 1% tax payer bailed out bankers etc?

Beneficiaries of neo-liberalism are esteemed select minority
of the world's population Sheriff of Nottingham mentalities.
Neoliberalism to vast majority of discarded great unwashed
in money laundered profits must endure policy new order what?

Neoliberalism brings waves of ever increasing suffering.
Small worker hard-won gains of 60 years rapidly eroded.
Workers of the world unite or die under austerity measures.

Friends with baited breath joint global neoliberalism IMF dots
plot hidden course see through monetary veils hatching policies;
rise up new Mahatma Gandhi's Martin Luther King's marches.

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The Trail of Tears

You have the trail
but where are the tears?
No idea?
You are not that interested in tears
of those who had trodden the trail
from Georgia to Oklahoma
with little to eat or to clothe themselves
Might have seen hundreds and thousands of dead corpses
lying on the outskirts of the trail
with lice and bugs eating their flesh
The winter cold is so harsh
the blanket that they were wearing with bare feet
won't keep them warm
and What about the US army soldiers
once in a while raiding the folks
with a bundle of babies and little kids
they have to survive the long walks and the
cold and the starvation
to look for the place they can call home
for their homes were ripped by the white
they still hold the hopes that they will regain
their land and home back
just like the Jews on exile to the Babylonia
for 70 long years they were away from home
lost their kings and princes and wishing only
to return home for those 70 years
What sins did these Indian tribes commit
to deserve this kind of treatment
giving away their lands and their homes
and on the road half fall dead
half of the half fell sick and
with no food to feed them
no water to cleanse them
but the endless walks bare footed?
O how painful it must have been only
to be a part of the American scene
Who cursed these people not God definitely
for they were good to the new comers with
their usual hospitality and generosity
but they were awaiting for the whites
to arrive in their land and make it blossom
with new civilization, and they knew when the whites
arrived these were the people they had been waiting for
centuries and they treated them nice and generously
but the result
The tribes must extinct and vanish for the whites
will take over their land as it was destined to
they killed numerous Indian babies
poisoned the water and plagued their blankets with germs
and disease viruses so the tribes could go dead
unnoticed and they did that with vehemence and
That Andrew Jackson dude is now taking the tribal lands
and casts the inhabitants from those lands
to hit the road the trail the trail of tears
but where are the tears they shed on the trail?
Does anyone care?
Indian tribes still claim their sovereignty
and claim an independent nationhood
for the US government has not kept their words
and promises, no more of being cheated
and fooled, that is what these people decided to do
an independent nation Indian nation in the nation of the USA
That's quite pathetic because they still have to live on
government stipends and welfare money to the reservation
though the old Indian Bureau was putting most of the
goods and money coming to the tribes into their own pocket
Does anyone care what these people are doing and
how they are all along?
We see them on the Western movies keep dying
shot to death and fall from the horses they were riding on
Their bison were the main food channel but
the US government knew so well if the bison go away
the tribes will also vanish
Out of the tears and suffering of the Indian nations
came and rose the great nation THE United States of America
But no one pays much attention to how these
robbed people of their land and their cultures live
In the back of the mind of every Americans
history stays alive and we all know what happened
yet nobody says anything about them, no advocates want
work for these people the Mongols
the grand history of Genghis Khan and his conquer of the
entire world including Europe to make people tremble
with fear on hearing his name only
but the descendents of the Mongols are only
humiliated by the word 'Mongoloid' the retarded
with flat nose and flat facial structure
in Special Education,
No, the Mongols are not mongoloid the retarded
They were warriors and soldiers who roamed
the entire world Asian, Middle Eastern, European and Egyptian
in the olden days yeah, that was a long gone days
but the spirit of these warriors still remain
in every lands streams and hill sides of the
American landscape I could feel it when I was there
those places in USA were covered with the Spirits
that is inherent in every US citizens
though they didn't know it and still don't know it
but I could see it could feel it and
The legendary Mongol warrior spirit was embodied
in the American landscape and fields and mountains
and forests and animals and the people too.
These spirits help the nation US be strong mighty and wise
like the inhabitants the people of the USA.

4: 48 pm
(December 3,2012) Korea-Japan Time

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Seeking the Universal beyond Ideology

Seeking the Universal beyond Ideology

When I teach the Great Tribulation period is coming I must teach it as I see the Bible teaches it. If I see the killing of innocent children in their mothers womb is injustice I am going to say it; if I see USA corporations exploiting third world peoples for sweat shop labor and low environmental standards and that this injustice is wrong I am going to say it. The ideologues and political people who see the world through their systems of indoctrination don't want me too. They want their cake and eat it too. Their party partisan world views do not want to be disrupted but they clap so loudly when their so called enemies from the other side are rebuked or stumble. The church is to back the universal not parties and ideologies. We all are tainted and see through our own backgrounds with our own a priori. I understand this but we must make a real effort to leave all parties in our hearts and put the eternal kingdom of God first.
The Bible openly condemns the practice of homosexuality yet there are people who will talk health care and social justice until they are blue in the face and back gay marriage and call themselves Christians. Their Christianity rationalizes the Scriptures and claims science and scholarship equal with Scripture and they pick and choose what Scripture they call real. I don't care if someone backs up civil liberties thus gays but the true church cannot try to justify sin and go against Scripture. Their rabbits foot Christ is an existential projection with a transit modern basis ever changing because they have given up Sola Scriptura. Their liberation theology is full of Marxist and secular ideologies. Jesus is a placard for their cause against imperialism, colonialism, racism, feminism etc. They replace revelation with reasoning yet can't figure out death so hold onto portions of the Bible. Their message is a bit mystical but mostly social gospel and political. Many many left wingers are into this who want some religion to go with their politics. I totally reject this position and will never be card carrying anything. I am a universalist and as a Christian can see their good statements without belonging to their groups in away that taints my thinking. I will never accept gay marriage or gays adapting children etc. Much of what they say about greed and capitalism is true but that truth to me is universal and transcends secular schools. They also reject Bible prophecy and eschatology. The won't accept Israel as a nation as apart of prophecy and the coming of the anti-christ, false church and wars of the Great Tribulation culminating in the battle of Armageddon. They equate modern theology equal with Scripture in many ways. Their Jesus is a socialist and their message is basically man and movements can bring in the eternal kingdom by our own hands and efforts. The world continues to get progressively worse while they hide in their bubble and utopian womb. Without eschatology and God eventually changing things they have the weight of the world on their shoulders so they struggle to change a world that is actually decaying worse than ever. Their position during the 30's through the 70's turned some ears but today they have little relevance and are a laughing stock to most realists. Those that try to believe stumble with higher criticism and post modernism and their loss of real faith in the Jesus of the Scriptures is exchanged for a heavy weighty philosophy, theology, dialectical materialism, sociology and so called science and rational reasoning faith causes them to always be evolving and never arriving at a solid position. They are marginalized into their own little frustrated circles and many are depressed and neurotic with a position so heavy even they can't bare it let alone teach it. They have to stay small because they have no structure so they blog and try to feel important but they are lost in a wilderness going in circles. There is no peace in this kind of position and they lack joy outside of nature and the everyday things God has given to all men. They don't believe in the fall of the devil with a third of the angels so they beat the air and shadow box in their fight while they idealize Scandinavia. Their intellectualism from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil leads them into covering themselves with works of the law and in many ways they are the new legalism. Many have never ever voted for another party so they are truly entrenched. I feel sorry for these angst ridden neurotics and many are alcoholics with addictive personalities. Ever learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. When you loose the simplicity of Christ according to the Scriptures you head for a horrible wilderness. They will dropp names all day long and use great swelling words then go home and take their anti-depressants. Heresy has no peace!
The next group are Pan American right wingers who believe in America as an idol and mix nationalism in their religion to the point of craziness, Roe V Wade caused a lot of evangelicals to consolidate behind the republican party and the Bible Belt Christianity of today is full of militarism, Civil religion, backing of the rich, corporations are wonderful, capitalism is God ordained and America is the greatest country in the world and should protect its interests with its military around the world. This culture of right wing ideology forebodes many evangelical churches. You will constantly hear about the evil over there, the evil in Islam and 9'11 sermons while not hearing a word about American Corporate power oppressing the world and backing national guards in third world countries to get cheap labor and goods and maximum corporate profits. The rebellions to these situations are looked at like Castro's and Che Guevara's. Movies like 'The Patriot' make them cry. They will interrupt a Bible study when it goes against their party political burnt out minds. They actually stand up against health care while pouring trillions of wasted dollars on military spending. PROTECT OUR COUNTRY is their mantra while letting an insurance company dropping a pre-existing illness in a child. They had both houses under Clinton's last term and George Bush and never passed anything against the insurance companies. My twin brother died of cancer in 2006 and the insurance company dropped him though he worked his entire life and was never unemployed and my father was wounded twice in world war two with two purple hearts. These right wing Christians are so hypnotized and full of a priori they stand for the ultra rich and they call the poor lazy while the jobs were shipped to sweat shop labor with horrible environmental standards. Some are so shot they have never voted another party and now as Christians they bring their political religion into everything. They will preach against homosexuality but stand up for ruining the environment by lowering standards every where. The extreme tea party house won't even allow GMO's to be labelled. They back up corporate power, prisons for profit, a failed war on drugs, the corrupt pharmaceutical industries. Everything is the communists are coming! ! ! ! Let the rich kids go to school we don't want anything socialized yet the police and the fire stations are a kind of socialized effort. I meet these evangelicals all the time. Why are you taking the humanity courses and sociology and not a business course to make money they will tell their kids? I have been told so many times...Why don't you leave this country if you don't like it? I laugh at these shills and bubba Christians of the me, I and mine mentality tied into the dumbing of America so they can be apart of the union busting right to work culture of the cattle right. I am going to teach the tribulation and not America. Sin is here not just over in Islam. Greed and unfair laws are here. Monsanto and other corporations are getting away with murder. The entire food industry is being taken over by corporate powers that are using carcinogens and genetically modifying our food. Chickens and cattle were meant to graze. The cruelty to animals of our times is a total sin by these industries and the evil is not just over in Iran. These right wingers are something out of George Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm. The war and evil over there is like a scape goat so they don't have to look at the evil right in their own back yard and homes. They are bloated with right wing politics to keep them blind.they are puffed up with nationalism and right wing propaganda. They block the universal of God's justice and mercy with their ideology and politics. They think a Great Tribulation is coming because we head toward socialism not seeing that corporate socialism is already in play like the Tower of Babel and is reinforced by their minds. They mix religion and politics and see through rose colored glasses. Jesus said my Kingdom is not of this world - the people of God are his Holy Nation not the USA. Someone from Ukraine or France should be proud of their country just like someone here but as Christians we are suppose to put his kingdom first and like Abraham of old leave our background and become sojourners and strangers looking for a city not built by the hands of man. I am so tired of this phony idolatrous nationalism that is so jingoistic and arrogant; so condescending and patronizing.
I will never be apart of this. When I teach I will teach what I truly feel the Bible says and there are enough rainbow churches and right wing churches for people to go too who don't want to work with me. All of these organizations and ideologies are not going in the rapture of the church. Come out from among them and be a separate people and let the world die to the eternal Kingdom. Move with the cloud over the tabernacle in the wilderness and leave worldly politics in the sense that we stand for the universal and truth. Admit when evil is on the left or right or in any organization. Quit backing and rationalizing for parties and ideologies. This time period is the last days of the church age and we are soon to see this world go into the great tribulation period and no party, movement, ideology is going to prevent it. Take off the blinders!

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