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Antoine De Saint-Exupery

The aeroplane has unveiled for us the true face of the earth.

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The time has come for us to become madmen in your chain

The time has come for us to become madmen in your chain, to
burst our bonds and become estranged from all;
To yield up our souls, no more to bear the disgrace of such a
soul, to set fire to our house, and run like fire to the tavern.
Until we ferment, we shall not escape from this vat of the
world- how then shall we become intimate with the lip of that
flagon and bowl?
Listen to the words from a madman: do not suppose that we
become true men until we die.
It is necessary that we should become more inverted than the
tip of a comb in the top of the twisted tress of felicity;
Spread our wings and pinions like a tree in the orchard, if like
a seed we are to be scattered on this road of annihilation.
Though we are of stone, we shall become like wax for you
seal; though we be candles, we shall become a moth in the track
of your light.
Though we are kings, we shall travel straight as rocks for your
sake, that we may become blessed through your queen on this
In the face of the mirror of love we must not breathe a word of
ourselves; we must become intimate with your treasure when
we are changed to waste.
Like the tale of the heart we must be without bread or ending,
that we may become dwellers in the heart of lovers like a tale.
If he acts like the seeker, we shall attain to being sought; if he acts
the key, we shall become all the wards of the lock.
If Mostafa does not make his way and couch in our hearts, it is
meet that we should lament and become like the Wailing
No, be silent; for one must observe silence towards the watch-
man when we go towards the pavilion by night.

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The Earth's Call for Responsible Stewards

It is calling for compassion
It is calling for responsible hands
It is calling for stewards,
stewards to see and listen,
stewards to learn and act,
stewards to protect and love.

The earth is crying,
crying over destruction
in her hills and mountains,
fields, valleys and air,
seas, lakes and rivers,
plants, animals and humans.

The earth is calling
men, women, youth and
children to do their share
as stewards: responsible stewards
of what has been entrusted
from the beginning of time.

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The Earth Laments for Day

THERE’S music wafting on the air,
The evening winds are sighing
Among the trees—and yonder stream
Is mournfully replying,
Lamenting loud the sunny light
That in the west is dying.

The moon is rising o’er the hill,
Her slanting rays are creeping
Where Nature lies profoundly still
In happy quiet sleeping,
And resting on her face, they’ll find
The earth is wet with weeping.

She mourneth for the lovely day,
Now deep in darkness shaded;
She sheds the dewy tear because
Of morning’s mantle faded;
She misses from her breast the garb
In which the moon array’d it.

The evening queen will strive in vain
To break the spell which bound her;
A million stars can never throw
Departed warmth around her;
They all must pass away and leave
The earth as they had found her.

But why should gentle Nature weep
That night has overtaken
The wearied world that needed sleep,
Refreshed to re-awaken,
So richer light might burst around,
The gloomy shadows breaking?

Oh, can she not from yonder sky
That gleams above her, borrow
A single ray, or find a way
To check the tear of sorrow?
A beam of hope would last her till
The dawning of to-morrow.

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The Division Of The Earth

"Take the world!" Zeus exclaimed from his throne in the skies
To the children of man--"take the world I now give;
It shall ever remain as your heirloom and prize,
So divide it as brothers, and happily live."

Then all who had hands sought their share to obtain,
The young and the aged made haste to appear;
The husbandman seized on the fruits of the plain,
The youth through the forest pursued the fleet deer.

The merchant took all that his warehouse could hold,
The abbot selected the last year's best wine,
The king barred the bridges,--the highways controlled,
And said, "Now remember, the tithes shall be mine!"

But when the division long-settled had been,
The poet drew nigh from a far distant land;
But alas! not a remnant was now to be seen,
Each thing on the earth owned a master's command.

"Alas! shall then I, of thy sons the most true,--
Shall I, 'mongst them all, be forgotten alone?"
Thus loudly he cried in his anguish, and threw
Himself in despair before Jupiter's throne.

"If thou in the region of dreams didst delay,
Complain not of me," the Immortal replied;
"When the world was apportioned, where then wert thou, pray?"
"I was," said the poet, "I was--by thy side!"

"Mine eye was then fixed on thy features so bright,
Mine ear was entranced by thy harmony's power;
Oh, pardon the spirit that, awed by thy light,
All things of the earth could forget in that hour!"

"What to do?" Zeus exclaimed,--"for the world has been given;
The harvest, the market, the chase, are not free;
But if thou with me wilt abide in my heaven,
Whenever thou comest, 'twill be open to thee!"

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The One I Was Searching For On the Earth and in Heaven

The one I was searching for on the earth and in heaven
Appeared residing in the recesses of my own heart

When the reality of the self became evident to my eyes
The house appeared among residents of my own heart

If it were somewhat familiar with taste of rubbing foreheads
The stone of Ka’ba’s threshold would have joined the foreheads

O Majnun! Have you ever glanced at yourself
That like Layla you are also sitting in the litter

The months of the union continue flying like moments
But the moments of separation linger for months!

O seaman, how will you protect me from being drowned
As those destined to drowning get drowned in the boats also

The one who concealed His Beauty from Kalim Allah
The same Beloved is manifest among beloveds

The breath of Lovers can light up the extinguished candle
O God! What is kept concealed in the breast of the Lovers?

Serve the fakirs if you have the longing for Love
This pearl is not available in the treasures of kings

Do not ask of these Devotees, if you have faith, you should look at them
They have the illuminated palm up their sleeves

The insightful eye for whose spectacle is tantalized
That elegance of congregation is in these very recluses

Burn the produce of your heart with some such spark
That the Last Day’s sun may also be among your gleaners

For Love search for some heart which would become mortified
This is the wine which is not kept in delicate wine glasses

The Beauty itself becomes the Lover of whose Beauty
O Heart! Does someone among the beautiful has that beauty?

Someone became highly excited at your grace of Ma’arafna
Your rank remained among the most elegant of all the Lovers

Manifest Thyself and show them Thy Beauty some time
Talks have continued among the sagacious since long time

Silent, O Heart! Crying in the full assembly is not good
Decorum is the most important etiquette among the ways of Love

It is not possible for me to deem my critics bad
Because Iqbal, I am myself among my critics

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The Day The Earth Stood Still

Travelling to other planets,
Will not allay your fears,
Believe me when I tell you,
This is going to end in tears.

I gave you all you needed,
On my planet Earth,
But The planet's now eroding fast,
You've nowhere left to berth.

You're destroying all my animals,
The trees and flowers too,
As the Earth is slowly dying,
The blame all lies with you.

The oceans and the rivers,
To all life I had them suited,
Then I introduced the human race,
Now they're poisoned and polluted.

The Earth was self sufficient,
Until humans happened by,
You're intent on ruining life on Earth,
Could someone tell me why?

You really thought you knew it all,
Of brains you are bereft,
Your attitude really does appal,
As there are no resources left.

I gave you every chance to learn,
Conservation is the answer,
But you decided differently,
Now Earth's suffering from a cancer.

A cancer sometimes can be cured,
But swift action must be taken,
You've ignored my early warning signs,
My advice you have forsaken.

Despite the state my planet's in,
It is sickeningly funny,
Instead of trying to solve your ills,
You are still obsessed with money.

Instead of looking to the sky,
To try to ease your woes,
Look at the extinctions here,
They're everywhere man goes.

All you've done is fight and kill,
From the day of your induction,
You seem to know no other way,
True masters of destruction.

Why would I allow you all,
To do the same again,
You've never listened to my words,
All you've did is cause me pain.

So prepare yourself for doomsday,
To annihilation you are addicted,
Remember all your agony,
Is totally self inflicted?

When I gave you all the gift of life,
With intelligence you were endowed,
But you failed to use it wisely,
No more waste will be allowed.

There will be no solar travel,
For reasons you are fully aware,
You are the masters of your downfall,
My planet has been stripped bare.

You will never do the same again,
That I will ensure,
The reason I won't let you,
Is prevention's better than cure.

So forget about your pipedreams,
They'll be fossilised in granite,
My solar system's out of bounds,
You won't destroy another planet.

Your time on Earth is over now,
Even though it was quite brief,
You have caused such massive damage,
Your extinction will bring relief.

Every other form of life,
Will survive when you are gone,
The elimination of human beings,
Will bring a brand new dawn.

The Earth will come alive again,
All life will then re-nourish,
With humans now an afterthought,
My planet will then flourish.

God is your master here on Earth,
It is I who dictates the pace,
I'll determine what the future holds,
Not you the human race.

I hate everything you stand for,
You have acted against my will,
So the day you become extinct will be,

‘' The Day The Earth Stood Still ‘'

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One Day The Earth Will Open Up For My Brother On What Would Have Been His Seventy- Second Birthday

One day the earth will open up
And take me also
As it has taken so many others I love

Dear Brother
Twenty years
Gone from this world
Will we ever see each other again?
I doubt it

As I walk home in the morning after davvaning
These leaves these flowers these trees
How I wish you could see them also.

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I Vote For The Earth!

i vote for the earth....
her mountains tall and strong,
standing from time to time.

her trees the fathers of wisdom,
the image of change and the cycle...
her oceans dark and mysterious,

holding life from beginning to beginning!
her fields of grasses long and weeping
for the fallen and forgotten....

her breasts giving blood,
her arms wrapping around,
all that lives and dies and lives....

i vote for the earth,
and walk naked through her gardens!

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Today... 'The Confidence Of All The Ends Of The Earth

My confidence is in the God of my salvation
for I will not trust any other man or nation.
He is the confidence of all the ends of the earth
The Only One Who has come to us by virgin birth.

He Who by His mighty strength established the mountains
The Eternal God the Omnipotent One Who reigns.
He stills the tumult of the people, the waves and sea
with awesome deeds of righteousness He answers me.

(see also the additional information in the Poet's notes box below)

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Of That Which Has Created The Earth

Everything has an order.
Everything has a discipline.

When those believe,
They can disrupt an order...
That has strict discipline,
To attempt to impose their wishes...
As if this skips the attention,
Of that which has created the Earth...
They from birth have leeched upon.

And they...
Created by it from within,
A Supreme Inyelligence?

THAT is the ultimate ungratefulness.
THAT is the ultimate display of arrogance.
And 'that' arrogance ultimately ends,
As is to be witnessed.
Without a weapon used that could possibly defend.

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Today... 'The Creator of the ends of the earth

Do you not know and have you never heard?
that all things were created by His word.
The creator of the ends of the earth
spoke and brought the Universe into birth.

He who never grows tired or is weary
is the very God Who said 'Let there be.'
Of His understanding none can fathom
for such things are beyond our human wisdom.

Though the Lord is an Everlasting God
but in Christ the paths of this earth He trod
and a new creation has now begun
through Jesus Christ His One and Only Son.

(see also the additional information in the Poet's notes box below)

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The poetry of the earth is never dead

True that the poetry of the earth is never dead

The grasshopper and the cricket testify that

But another great war will take place

It will a nuclear one I am sure

That will be the end of grasshopper and cricket

That will be the end of the poetry of earth

Presently with another great war

our dear earth will turn into a piece of charcoal in a moment

to dissolve in the space

Thank you Herr Einstein

Thank you Oppenheimer

Thank you Gamow

Thanks to the disinterested curiosity of science

To me the meanest flower that blows

tells me what man has made of the earth

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Love Sonnet 144 With All The Wickedness Roaming The Earth

With all the wickedness, roaming the earth,
To fill the good spots, it's a waste of Hell,
Evil of all vintage, the good's in dearth,
Paradise despoiled, soundly, it then fell.
I might, my soul, enclose in bins so tight,
With cherubim to guard, on lock and key,
Until salvation comes, and all's in light,
When hearts of men, are neither black nor gray.
But you, my dear, I've got to see outside,
For love that's always pure and truly grand,
Beware of serpents that the tree would hide,
Refuse all apples which may fill your hand:
.......Love will often seek what it hopes to find,
......And find in hope, what it has sought, when blind.

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How Will The Earth Look When Lifeless?

We from inward
Have negated violence,
And acknowledged,
From the core of heart,
The glory of creation;
And in a magnificent gathering,
We have pledged,
To render responsibility,
For the survival of life
And the earth;
But to obtain peaceful environment
We have transformed,
Nuclear weapons into home-industry;
For we think that preparations
Of wars only bear peace.

Alla din of Death
Having the magical lamp in hands,
Is fluttering over our heads;
And the earth is listening
To the sound of time creeping in us.
Life has made up her mind
To migrate from the earth.

How will the Earth look when lifeless?
Who will be here to witness after all?

(Written by Jawaaz Jafri Translated by Muhammad Shanazar)

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The Invitation Of The Earth To Hear Its Songs....

the earth
if you listen enough
ears on those walls
to each fiber of wood
has composed a lot of songs
for the goodness
of our
souls: the songs of the sea waves
against the sands, such a shushing sound
the thin air that kisses those daffodils
the soft feet of rain tiptoeing on the grass
the whispers of the flowing waters
from your fingers to the
skins on your belly
the lips that kiss
the bodies that meet in desire
rubbing against each
other on
lonelier nights
the flights of bird wings
above the treetops
the fluttering butterflies landing on the petals of a rose

sad is the man who does not hear all these
and love life
sadder is the man who hears all these
but shuts his heart
like slamming doors
without keys

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An Elegy Of The Earth

I before my death,
Have composed,
An elegy of the Earth,
Which (after war)
Roodali of the Air will sing,
Weeping and wailing,
Sitting amid the burnt
Decomposed bodies.

The Decree of Death
Has been written,
On the pale forehead of the Earth;
Only time is to be fixed.

We are neither afraid of death,
Nor covetous for life,
We only wish to relish in full,
Our natural life before the final ruin,
And it is our right too.

If war is indispensable,
We shall fight it only for our existence,
For our dreams are not
The fuel for the wars being fought on rent.

‘Roodali’ is a professional woman whom the elite class of the Sikhs hires to lament on the death of someone.

(Written by Jawaaz Jafri Translated by Muhammad Shanazar)

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The Earth

God loafs around heaven,
without a shape
but He would like to smoke His cigar
or bite His fingernails
and so forth.

God owns heaven
but He craves the earth,
the earth with its little sleepy caves,
its bird resting at the kitchen window,
even its murders lined up like broken chairs,
even its writers digging into their souls
with jackhammers,
even its hucksters selling their animals
for gold,
even its babies sniffing for their music,
the farm house, white as a bone,
sitting in the lap of its corn,
even the statue holding up its widowed life,
but most of all He envies the bodies,
He who has no body.

The eyes, opening and shutting like keyholes
and never forgetting, recording by thousands,
the skull with its brains like eels-
the tablet of the world-
the bones and their joints
that build and break for any trick,
the genitals,
the ballast of the eternal,
and the heart, of course,
that swallows the tides
and spits them out cleansed.

He does not envy the soul so much.
He is all soul
but He would like to house it in a body
and come down
and give it a bath
now and then.

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The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

The bible says the meek shall inherit the earth
And I believe this to be true.
Just look at all- that these woman can do.

They was always the backbone of man
And they knew that thru their strength
That man would understand.

Behind every famous man, a woman was
Always there- and with them
their fame they would share.

Then slowly through out the centuries
They started to claim their rights
And for their freedom - they would
Gladly stand and fight.

So many famous women that are in
The annexes of history and that is
the way -'that it was meant to be.'

Now we're in the 21st century
And they have gotten so much to date
They are in every job field
Although a little late.

They saw their dreams and set their goals
And it mattered not if they was young or old
Dreams can be achieved by anyone you see
But it took the women, to see the reality.

They are the meek that I speak of
Who became the shadow of man
But when the sun is behind us
Then you'll understand.

The shadow is now in front of us
Leading the way, because this is
A new era, and the start of a brand new day.

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Violence Fills The Earth

As the earth fills with violence, there seems to be much silence,
In the professing Body of Christ, regarding darkness in this life,
Of the things believers are told, the love of most will grow cold,
Has that coldness hindered us, form speaking for Christ Jesus?

Christ asked will He find faith, as He returns at the end of Grace,
A vibrant faith that will uphold, all of His teachings we were told,
Even His teaching on warning friend, about darkness in the end,
With all the darkness in this world, God's Truths we must herald!

As the days of Noah would be, that violence in our time we see,
Upon which judgment shall fall, on all the living, great and small;
This is God's warning to all men, that Judgment is coming again,
Onto all the world as a whole, God's stern warning to every soul!

Even in the time of Abraham, we have a warning from the 'I AM.'
His warning upon two cities, Sodom and Gomorrah for atrocities,
Cities Christ would also mention, this my friend with His intention,
Pointing out what lies ahead, for men who remain spiritually dead.

So we're watchmen on the wall, to warn of judgment ahead for all,
As we point all those in this life, to Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,
To leave the world's wickedness, to come into His Righteousness,
So they don't see judgment friend, but, Eternal Life come the end.

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He Fills The Earth

He created all the mountains and owns the cattle on all the hills.
Indeed all the earth, the sky, and heavens The Lord Almighty fills.
As earth's Sovereign Creator, He speaks and does whatever He wills.
And during each and every single moment His spoken Word He fulfills.

He created all that's on the earth, yes every single living creature,
Nothing at all was left to chance, as He designed every tiny feature.
He knows each and every creature, even your old science teacher,
Man He made totally accountable, so best give ear to your preacher.

He put man in a special position as the head of all God's creation,
But when asked to obey just one rule, he opted for rationalization.
Today the effect of that original sin is felt by every single nation.
Man's sin is the very reason that Christ was willed as our salvation.

Friend the wages of this sin is death and there's not one exception,
However, through God's love He has willed Jesus to be our exemption.
Jesus alone died in our place to pay the price for Satan's deception.
So as believers we have Hope as we wait eagerly for our redemption.

And for those who are not waiting for Him there is no place to hide,
For Christ's Blood bought the whole world on the cross when He died.
Heaven is His Throne and earth is His footstool for God has not lied,
Judgment is ahead for His enemies, as God's Justice won't be denied.

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