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Second Chance

The heart being broken feeling bereft. Whisking in sudden, thinking hope still left.
Musing if it will be sober, this time better
Jettisoning the bygones, bidding to start over.
Crediting the 'second chance'
Asked again for once.
Believing in ‘true love’ notion
Latching the buoy in squally ocean
Entreating in fervour, dealing with mettle
Starting again in vigour, hoping to settle.
Graying, facing hurdles with age
Hoping to be saved from ravage.
But it’s the same, replies curt;
Being lame, getting hurt.
The first time was to impress,
Moments in orgasm
Feeling up the chasm
With poetry, songs and romance
In overdose
It was all verbose.
Now in the second chance
All bellicose
Love being comatose
Submerged in distress. Focussing on other stuff
Menacing in absolute nonsense
Drugs, infidelity; twists in heart
The final loss, strings torn apart.
It stings and hurts and pains,
In love being blind
It’s enough, rescind.
Call it quits, it’s enough.
Second chance; knowing well
There is nothing here but to fail. The decision now to quit is final
Left with a little residue of survival.

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